Yuma Oxbow Tote

I had the Yuma fabric pulled into a few different piles, so I knew I would end up making a Yuma Oxbow Tote!

Yuma Oxbow Tote

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Leah Duncan! I’ve been using her fabrics whenever a new collection pops up. I love the way she combines colors. Here’s a cute jacket I made lined with Leah’s fabric, and another one, some t-shirts, a beautiful dress, a lanyard wallet, a Zip Top Tote (pattern from my book, Handmade Style), a Market Bag (also from my book), two Double Zip Wallets (also from my book), the exterior of my Road Trip Case, an Envelope Clutch, this green Divided Basket, and more! Seriously I didn’t know I made that many things with her fabrics over the years, fun to take a look back.

As soon as I saw her new collection, Yuma, I scooped some up right away from Hawthorne Supply Co. I picked up a few prints and it was fun to mix and match them with other fabrics. I combined her Howdy print as the main body of the bag and this Shetland Flannel in Olive for the accent fabric (pocket & reinforced base).

I had a really hard time deciding on webbing for this one! There are so many great colors in this print, all of them went really well with the webbing I have. In the end, I decided on Acorn (available in my shop). And I used waterproof canvas from Sullivan’s Trim for the lining. I really love any fabric that I don’t have to use interfacing with (yes, bag making is my job and I there are things I don’t like to do as much either!), and it’s been fun trying out a somewhat new-to-me substrate.

Coming up…

Did you watch my sew-along videos for the Oxbow yet???? I made this tote during my sew-along videos for the Oxbow. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I used a metal snap on the front pocket just for fun. It was fun quilting it up, too!

I put together one more little video (Part 3) for some alternate crossbody strap connector options. I write my patterns so a MAJORITY of people can make them without special equipment and without too much hassle. The side strap connectors are geared so the most amount of people can be successful with the pattern. It’s the easiest route to go! But I like having options, and I think there’s never a limit as to what you can do – you’re the artist, YOU get to decide. That, in my opinion, is the absolute best thing about sewing!

I’ve been recovering from the flu ever since my last video, and now I’m finally feeling *almost* back to normal. It’s been a few weeks! So, check that out. It’s on my YouTube channel.

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4 thoughts on “Yuma Oxbow Tote

  1. Rachel says:

    I love your bag! The outer fabric is super cute and that yellow lining is such a fun pop of colour.

    1. Noodlehead Team says:

      Thank you so much Rachel!

  2. James Walter says:

    Thank you for sharing your latest project and the details of your process. The Yuma print you used here is no exception. I love how you paired it with the speckled olive fabric for pops of contrast. The quilting really makes the tote come to life. And thanks for filming the sew-along videos, they are so helpful for visual learners.

    1. Noodlehead Customer Service says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words James!

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