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Lore Zip Top Tote

Lore Zip Top Tote by Anna Graham, pattern in book Handmade Style

This year seems to be starting out a little slow and a lot cold. I’ve been working on a few behind the scenes type projects and am looking forward to at least getting to be outside without windchill warnings. Lucky for me I get to go hang out at a retreat at the new Stitch Supply Co. this weekend (yay for planning ahead!). Of course I have stage fright about which projects I should bring along, but hopefully I’ll get my act together sooner than later. If you’re local to the Eau Claire area, Jeni and I are each doing a little book signing and trunk show as part of Ann’s Grand Opening Ceremony on Thursday afternoon. Stop by if you’re around!

Lore Zip Top Tote by Anna Graham, pattern in book Handmade Style

So for now I’m sharing another fun sample made using Leah Duncan’s upcoming fabric collection, Lore. I made this Zip Top Tote along with the Market Bag. It’s been fun to sew with her new collection, those greens always looks so appealing this time of year! It’s always a pleasure to play around with fabrics and patterns. So many possibilities to explore.

Lore Zip Top Tote by Anna Graham, pattern in book Handmade Style

Lore Zip Top Tote by Anna Graham, pattern in book Handmade Style

I’ve been toying around with making a sort of must-sew list for me this year. I had previously thrown away a list that I used to have, it was way too long and kind of made me feel like I wasn’t accomplishing much. So I threw it and it’s been great ever since. But maybe a mini list or monthly lists might be fun?

How’s your January going? Do you feel ambitious, too? or maybe you’d rather crawl back under the covers? I think I’d like to pick both!

Pattern: Zip Top Tote (from my book, Handmade Style)
Fabrics: Lore by Leah Duncan
Zipper: Wawak.com
Leather Handles: find similar in my shop

Lore Zip Top Tote by Anna Graham, pattern in book Handmade Style

18 thoughts on “Lore Zip Top Tote

  1. Tania Stays positive says:

    I love the combination of fabrics.

  2. majella says:

    Oh, so great. Beautiful.

  3. Nicole says:

    So far this year I just want to crawl beneath the covers and not get out! LOL maybe because kids still on school holidays here in Australia. When routine hits again I think the idea of a sewing wish list for the year is great! Love the bag and hope to sew this pattern from ‘Handmade’….there you go first thing for the wish list

  4. Angela says:

    This year I am making things for myself. I usually give away almost everything I make. I have started a number of projects already, including a mystery BOM and a number of blocks that utilize a new technique (lots of improv). I also want to make myself a zip top tote for summer and a Maker’s tote to contain all my handwork.

  5. JulesO says:

    I’m taking it slowly with enjoying the choosing of the fabrics, cutting the pattern & fabric, planning fabric placement & making sure I can make accessories for my craft room. Starting with the divided basket, I’m ready to cut the fabric tomorrow!!

  6. erin says:

    Oh, I love the print you used for the lining! As far as goals go…I’m just trying to finish things before I am distracted by all the shiny and new ideas/projects! Why is it that there are so many great things to make and ideas to try, but so little time? And I’m trying to get my first quilt pattern wrapped up and available for sale…(nerve wracking!)

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Yes, it’s such a great print! Good for you for finishing! And I agree there’s always something new I want to try. Yay for the pattern, so exciting!!!

  7. Rae says:

    ahh love this!! Is this canvas or did you reinforce it??

    Goals: My list is always Waaaaaay too long and totally defeats the purpose of even making it. I agree, maybe just 12 things I really want to make, then do one each month? I don’t know!!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Rae! Yep, quilting cotton isn’t my preference for bags, so this has layers of interfacing (SF101 and Soft and Stable). So agree on having lists!!! That sounds like a fun plan! One a month seems doable. 🙂

  8. Kathy says:

    Where did you get the straps? It’s a beautiful bag.

  9. Anna this is gorgeous! It’d be so cool if you did a post of your bag ‘wardrobe’. It must be quite a collection!

  10. Jessamy B says:

    A gorgeous bag, as always! I love the interior. I am finally finishing up a queen size quilt for my bed, made all with the Gramercy Line by Leah Duncan. I love her style! I’m hoping to make a list of things to sew this year. Something inspiring, but manageable. I think half of that list is made up of projects from your book!

  11. I know what you mean about the lists, sometimes it makes it feel like work once it’s on the list, even though you’re the one who put it there in the first place. Instead of a sewing “to-do” list I made a “Possibilities” list – projects I’m excited about and want to try. But if I don’t have time or lose interest, it’s okay, I haven’t failed.

  12. Lourdes says:

    I love this pattern. I’ve been meaning to make it but I’m not sure about sewing with leather straps. Do you have a tutorial and sourcing recommendations on the leather straps that you use? I have made 4 of the gingham tote bags and they are just fabulous. This is on my list!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Lourdes!
      Thanks for your comment. I have resources listed in the back of my book (including where I buy my leather straps). So glad to hear you like the Gingham Totes!!!

  13. So pretty! I love the leather.

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