New! Oxbow Tote Pattern

Happy December! I’m excited to introduce you to my newest pattern, the Oxbow Tote!

New! Oxbow Tote Pattern
Samples feature Fableism wovens and pre-quilted fashion fabric from Blackbird Fabrics

Here’s a quick list of the pattern’s features:

  • two sizes to sew! Regular and Overnight!
  • secure zipper top
  • reinforced base
  • removable crossbody strap
  • easy access front pocket
  • instructions for quilting, perfect if you want to use that gorgeous quilting cotton for the exterior!
New! Oxbow Tote Pattern
Regular size
New! Oxbow Tote Pattern
New! Oxbow Tote Pattern
Overnight size

The Oxbow Tote pattern is a versatile zippered top tote bag in two sizes to sew! Features an easy-access front pocket, reinforced base, crossbody strap, and a roomy interior with a slip pocket. Customize yours by quilting!

  • The Regular size is a perfect work bag. It’s roomy but not bulky! It fits a laptop and notebooks with plenty of room to spare.
  • The Overnight size is just that, perfect for an Overnight trip! Now, depending on what you pack and the season, it would work for a weekend trip, too! Be sure to check out the finished dimensions in the pattern listing before commiting to a certain size!
New! Oxbow Tote Pattern
reinforced base

I hope you’ll love this new pattern! I’ve been BUSY sewing up a bunch of samples. My main inspiration for this tote was my daughters. They’re both the age where they’re doing plenty of traveling and overnight stuff. The Cargo Duffles I made them 10 years ago were in need of replacement! Funny enough, for all the use they gave those duffles, they really held up so well! The cute little prints were outgrown a while ago (but I mean, I love them hedgehogs and kites – love!). So they were both asking for an updated bag to take to sleepovers and for traveling.

New! Oxbow Tote Pattern

I’ve kept the interior fairly uncomplicated with a generous-sized slip pocket that you can divide up to your heart’s desire. As always, if you’re a seasoned bag maker, feel free to take this as a starting point and add whatever suits you! That’s the best part of making something yourself!

New! Oxbow Tote Pattern

Curious about the name? Oxbow is a word for a bend in a river. I grew up on the Mississippi river, so no surprise there why I picked it!

TODAY through December 17th only (ends Sunday, December 17th at 10 pm CST) purchase your PDF for 20% off! No code needed!

Construction Notes

The Oxbow Tote features a fun construction method, a fun zippered top with a twist! The Reinforced Base is a fun take and adds a layer of durability. I’ll be doing a full video sew-along soon (keep reading for more information on that!).

Fabric Notes

This pattern is really a scrap buster’s dream! I don’t think there’s a fabric I wouldn’t think would be a good fit. Twill, denim, canvas, dry oilskin, waxed canvas, pre-quilted fabric, Essex (cotton/linen blend), even most quilting cottons are all great choices. And depending on what types of fabric you choose, that will partially determine the interfacing you’ll choose.

Interfacing Options

Okay, bag makers, this might be the most fun pattern because there are so many great options for interfacing this bag! I know I’ve been stuck waiting for supplies because I forgot to order more of my favorite interfacing. Have you? Well, I’m happy to say, there are so many great options for different fabrics and interfacings for the Oxbow Tote. It’s really endless and you’ll probably be able to work with fabrics/interfacings you already have in your stash! I’ll be sharing a video walk through of my samples and discussing in depth what fabrics and interfacings I used for each. Be sure to stay tuned for that!

Zippers Used

Lastly, this pattern is written for fixed-length size zippers, but I also give instructions for using zipper by the yard/continuous zipper. I have a bunch of new colors of handbag zippers in my shop in both lengths (for the Regular and Overnight sizes)! If you’re going for the continuous zipper route, I’ve been using #5 zips on some of my samples. Such a great option!


  • I am very excited to show you more samples! I’ll be diving into the details of each of the samples that I’ve made with in-depth blog posts – so be sure to stop by my blog in the coming weeks for those!
  • For those of you who prefer paper patterns, I’m hoping to have those ready in a month or so. Thank you for your enthusiasm & patience!


  • Lastly, yes!, I am planning on having a sew-along for the Oxbow! I think we can cover everything in 3 installments. I’ll be getting that prepared for the new year – think beginning to mid-January.
  • I will be hosting the sew-along here on my blog instead of an email based sew-along. And yes, there will be full sew through videos.
  • So keep an eye out here for more details coming next weeks!

Click here to purchase the pattern!

Sample uses Bloom by Bookhou for Kokka Fabrics (I purchased mine from Bolt Fabric)

Supplies for the Oxbow:

Available in my shop:

Hope that covers everything! I’ll be blogging about all the samples I’ve made separately! A huge thank you for being here! I’m so excited to see what you make.

14 thoughts on “New! Oxbow Tote Pattern

  1. Brenda Williams says:

    Thank you love this bag! Can’t wait to make one!

  2. Victoria Hassink says:

    Wow, I love this sooo much! I will finally have a really beautiful overnight bag. Very excited for the sew a long…but I might not be able to wait that long for my first one!

  3. Kerri says:

    Love the shape and the strap placement

  4. A Maria Jose Gallardo Diez says:

    Tu mejor regalo de Navidad 🎁 para todas nosotras gracias por compartir tu creatividad

  5. Paula Benson says:

    I love this new pattern and can hardly wait until I have time to make it! Thank you Anna!

  6. Brenda says:

    Bought mine today – looking forward to making several for my 2 daughters and myself.

  7. Karen Lin says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to see more samples and watch the sew-a-long! Thank you for another great pattern Anna! and Happy Holidays!

  8. BarbJMW says:

    I’m always excited about a new Noodlehead pattern and I just bought this one! I love it. Thanks so much.

  9. Knowles Rita says:

    Yippee. I got my pattern today and have enough of everything to make it. An ideal Christmas present for someone dear. Thank you.

  10. Jean M says:

    So excited for another great pattern, Anna. You’re the best!

  11. Kristie says:

    Yes, I need this pattern. And thank you in advance for the sew along. Those are so handy when it’s too late and my brain cannot wrap itself around a step. Thank you so much!

  12. Beth says:

    Just grabbed the pattern and am looking forward to your wonderful instructional videos! Thanks!

  13. Sharon says:

    Love, love this bag! Will be a great after the holidays project for me!

  14. Betty J Stading says:

    Looking forward to the sew a long!

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