Road Trip Case – Around the Bend

This project makes me happy! I hadn’t made a Road Trip case in quite a while, so it was fun to pull some fat quarters to get started on this Around the Bend Road Trip Case!

Around the Bend - Road Trip Case

I have my own Road Trip Case that I use when I travel for sewing retreats and teaching. Ahem, it’s been a while since I’ve gone to a retreat and since I’ve taught in person. I am hopeful that one or the other will happen again soon! I miss my sewing friends in person!!! So maybe this project is a little hint to myself to get going on making some plans already!

Around the Bend - Road Trip Case
Around the Bend - Road Trip Case

This case is actually super handy, but not too full of compartments where I tend to stash stuff and then promptly forget about. I loved making these for my kids art stuff, too. They really did enjoy them!

I do like playing around with different fat quarters for this project. I always seem to collect them when I’m out shopping at my favorite local quilt shops. Plus, the exterior piece is quilted! If you’re not a quilter, or don’t like quilting, it’s okay to just beef up that exterior layer with fusible fleece or a stiffer interfacing. If you’re not used to quilting this would be an excellent project to try it. It’s small enough that you can do some experimenting! I like having freedom like that – small projects are fun and satisfying.

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  1. Sandy says:

    I’ve had this pattern for awhile, but after reading this I’ve been inspired to dig in and make it. I pulled the fat quarters and am ready for some weekend sewing. Thank you for your ongoing sewing and creative inspiration!

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