Spotted Yarrow Pouch & Geometric Yarrow Wristlet

Hope the last days of August are treating you well! My kids are back in school already – I have two High Schoolers this year. Wow! Our summer was packed with activities. I spent as much time as I could this summer just being with them and it was great. They’re both on the tennis team, so that started a few weeks ago for us. All that to say — I have yet to share a couple of Yarrow cuties with you here. A spotted Yarrow Pouch and a geometric Yarrow Wristlet!

Spotted Yarrow Pouch & Geometric Yarrow Wristlet
Spotted Yarrow Pouch & Geometric Yarrow Wristlet

I made the Yarrow Wristlet during the sew-along and the pouch must have been around that time as well. I really like how they both turned out and it was fun pulling my favorite smaller scraps of fabric.

The Yarrow wristlet is sewn using some older Ellen Luckett Baker fabric from one of her Kokka fabric collections (Framework collection and the print is called Steps). It’s lined with a subtle stripe fabric that I picked up at my local quilt shop. And of course I couldn’t pass up a chance to feature the beautiful leather (front pocket and wrist strap and zipper pull).

The Yarrow pouch is made with a scrap from a good friend. I had kept it for several years just waiting for the perfect project to use it on, and this was it. Thanks Dd! I lined it with another fabric that was giving to me from another friend (thanks Jordan!!!) and it couldn’t be cuter! I loved sewing this up.

Spotted Yarrow Pouch & Geometric Yarrow Wristlet

Project Details

I’m very excited for this fall and doing some more sewing! Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in some fun projects and videos before I start to do more sample sewing for my NEXT fabric collection. I just got the strike offs, so even though Around the Bend is new in shops now (yay!), there’s always something new coming down the line. So there you go, a little fun news, if you’ve read this far!

Lastly, if you would let me know if you’re interested in a sew-along for this fall? I’m thinking maybe doing something with the Making Backpack or even the Buckthorn Backpack/Tote, or let me know. Sounds kind of fun and I’ve been itching to do some videos.

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