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Yarrow Complete Sew-Along

Welcome to the Yarrow Wristlet & Pouch Complete Sew-along!

This post contains the full list of newsletter’s that were sent out for the Yarrow Sew-Along (this sew-along was originally published via newsletter January 25th though February 10th, 2022).

Yarrow complete Sew-Along - Noodlehead
Still need to blog about this set! I’ll be sharing them in my next blog post.

I am amazed to see all kinds of beautiful Yarrows popping up, it’s been so fun to see so many great fabrics being used! I think one of the most fun parts of a small project is the ability to use up scraps from other projects! Be sure to check out the #YarrowWristlet and #YarrowPouch hashtag on Instagram for some creative inspiration!

I’m making this post is available now so that the sew-along is accessible to anyone who needs it. Even though the sew-along isn’t currently happening, you can still follow along at whatever pace you need, whenever you need it!

Links to the Sew-along

Below are the links to the newsletters that went out weekly as part of the sew-along:


Yarrow complete Sew-Along - Noodlehead

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

One thought on “Yarrow Complete Sew-Along

  1. Barbie says:

    Hi Anna, thanks for the tutorials, and all of the lovely, easy to follow patterns I have purchased over the past few years from you. Our lives have gone a little topsy turvey at the moment and we are having to pack up and move house – I have had to put this project on hold. Will I still be able to access your video tutorials in a few months when life hopefully settles down a little? Blessings to you from Australia. x

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