Redwood Tote – Around the Bend

It’s been wayyy too long since I’ve made a Redwood Tote! I have absolutely loved using my own! So I figured that a Redwood Tote using Around the Bend would be a fun change of pace.

Redwood Tote - Around the Bend

The Redwood Tote pattern has an exterior that is perfect for mixing up different prints and solids. I’ve sewn a few samples like this before, and I always love how they really highlight a favorite fabric. In the Redwood Tote instructions I have cutting layouts for this version – the exterior is cut from two fat quarters! So in this sample I used Big Sur for the one fat quarter and then a fat quarter of Around the Bend. It’s pretty fun to mix and match and I always feel less pressure if the pieces of fabric are small like this. If I don’t end up feeling a certain combo, it’s easy to swap it out to something I do like.

Redwood Tote - Around the Bend

Sewing in itself is amazing because you’re in control of your project! If you don’t like the way it’s headed – you can change it! I used to be worried about wasting a favorite fabric, but worry like that doesn’t help. When I’m choosing fabrics for a project I like to explore as many options as I can. It’s easy to think only certain fabrics ‘go’ together, but when you try ones you may not normally pick you might surprise yourself!

I love the lining on this! It’s maybe my favorite of the collection, printed on the Essex Speckle Yarn Dyed in Sky. I love a good speckle and I think this adds an extra pop of fun when you open the tote. Fun linings make everything better.

The strap and handles are leather from my shop (they’re the Rustic color), but you could also make them from fabric! The pattern has instructions for both options. I’d recommend using Essex Yarn Dyed in Nutmeg if you’d prefer to use fabric instead of leather.

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Redwood Tote - Around the Bend

6 thoughts on “Redwood Tote – Around the Bend

  1. Westley Cawar says:

    I’d love for a tutorial on this, I’m really new to sewing and thought the lining would need to be like a plain canvas, or can you use any kind of material and just use fusing on it or fusing on the exterior, sorry so many questions

    1. Anna Graham says:

      good questions Westley! Canvas comes in lots of gorgeous prints as well as solids. I’d highly recommend checking out your local quilt shop if possible!

  2. Westley Cawar says:

    I have the pattern I meant a video tutorial

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Westley, I haven’t done a video for the Redwood yet. But you could check youtube, it’s possible someone else has put one together.

  3. Ruben says:

    is there a video for the redwood tote?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Ruben, I haven’t done a video for the Redwood yet. But you could check youtube, it’s possible someone else has put one together.

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