My Waxed Canvas Redwood Tote

Waxed Canvas Redwood Tote - Noodlehead Waxed Canvas Redwood Tote - NoodleheadSo this was the Redwood Tote I made for myself. I’ve been using it since February (so a few months now) and I really have loved having it and using it! I go in streaks with using certain bags and over the winter I only carried my mini Minimalist Wallet with me. In the winter I’m always wearing something with pockets, so it’s easy to go simple and do the wallet-only route and skip anything extra. I put my wallet and phone in one coat pocket and my keys in the other. It’s great for the time being, but now that Spring is here (minus this Saturday’s predicted snowfall) I really have liked having my Redwood! If I don’t have an outfit on with pockets it doesn’t matter!

Waxed Canvas Redwood Tote - Noodlehead

Waxed Canvas Redwood Tote - Noodlehead

I did go with leather handles and crossbody strap. I like using leather especially when I’m testing new designs because it’s one less step of sewing! I do have a stash of fabric handles, too, so it’s great having options. I also didn’t do an adjustable strap. Since I know what length I usually like, it’s easy for me to cut it to length, plus I can always swap it out if I want a different length.

Waxed Canvas Redwood Tote - Noodlehead

Back View/Slip Pocket

Waxed Canvas Redwood Tote - Noodlehead

It fits perfectly in the basket on my bike, which is really nice considering it’ll be my main mode of transportation during the summer. I’ll have to get another pic of it in action and show it!

Waxed Canvas Redwood Tote - Noodlehead

Pattern: Redwood Tote
Hardware Kits available here, 6″ zips and 12″ zips, leather handles (15″ for the short handles (3/4″-wide), 56″ for the crossbody strap (1″-wide)), too!
Fabric: Waxed canvas from AL Frances Textiles, Carkai by Carolyn FriedlanderĀ (Carkai) for the lining

I’m going to showcase my testers in my next post for both the Redwood Tote and Crescent Tote. They all did such an amazing job and I know you love seeing each pattern in different fabrics, too! I’m so blown away by all of your excitement over both the new patterns. It really inspires me to see you inspired!!

Waxed Canvas Redwood Tote - Noodlehead


19 thoughts on “My Waxed Canvas Redwood Tote

  1. Pat Anderson says:

    I love this bag so much! Could you please talk about sewing with waxed canvas? I’m assuming it isn’t machine washable? I really know nothing about it. You did a beautiful job on that bag…looks so professional! I know you have a lot of experience…I can applique with the best of them, but sewing bags isn’t my forte’.

  2. Lynn JARZOMBECK says:

    A knockout bag!

  3. Donna Baker says:

    You make having a brown bag so stylish (most times a boring color to me at least). I love this especially with the Carkai print inside! Now you make me want to have a solid print one too!

  4. Ana Bermea says:

    Love this version of your bag! What color is the waxed canvas and are the leather straps the 15ā€ from your shop? Iā€™m going to buy the pattern and want to use the leather straps and would like to also purchase from you. Thanks!

  5. Cynthia says:


  6. This is so amazing! Love the hardware, it gives the bag a super professional touch.

  7. Karen says:

    So beautiful as always. I’ve purchased some waxed canvas and made a tote but the wax was very heavy where you would see absolutely every little turn, which I like but it almost seemed like too much wax. Does that make sense. Your’s is lovely and I don’t get the impression it is heavily waxed. Would you mind sharing which canvas you used on this bag?

  8. Christy says:

    Love it! So stylish.

  9. Gaye Smith says:

    Do you sell a kit for the hardware and handles for this bag?

  10. Christine says:

    I love this bag so, so much!!! Once I finish sewing the teacher gifts… Iā€™m going to make this one for me me me!! I just waxed some mustard canvas over the weekend as well… so I think it was meant to be. Thanks for all the lovely patterns, always so fun to make!

  11. Heidi Yurong says:

    I bought your PDF pattern. What weight leather do you use for leather handles?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thank you Heidi. šŸ™‚ I use the ones I carry in my shop. I have two weights available, a 4-5oz and a 5-6oz. Here’s the 1″ width:, and the 3/4″ width:

  12. Stephanie.marie.muecke says:

    What color waxed canvas is that by AL Frances? I love it but am not seeing it in their shop…

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Stephanie, I believe this was the Earth color. If she doesn’t have it in stock, maybe send her a convo via Etsy? Hope that helps!

  13. Rabia Ergin says:

    I am planning to buy the pattern of this bag. Is there a sewing video of it for to see how to make it?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Rabia,
      I don’t have one currently (you could check youtube if anyone else has posted a video). I hope to get one added this summer to my channel. šŸ™‚

  14. Angela M Hurd says:

    I’ve been looking for a bag for months. Thought I finally found it – NOT! You made it!

    Really cute!

    There’s really no reason why I am not making one. I guess I should try šŸ™‚

  15. Jayne Irene says:

    Love the look with the waxed canvas! What interfacing did you use for this bag?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Jayne, I didn’t use interfacing on the waxed canvas exterior pieces. I did use Pellon’s SF101 on the lining pieces. Hope that helps! šŸ™‚

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