Yarrow Pouches in Riverbend

Cutie cute cute alert! Yep, can’t resist these little nuggets. These are my Yarrow Pouches in Riverbend!

Yarrow Pouches in Riverbend

I had to make these Yarrow pouches as soon as I got my Riverbend fabric. It’s such a fun way to play around with small pieces and come up with different color combos. Plus, I knew the Yarrow pouches would look irresistable.

Yarrow Pouches in Riverbend

For these Yarrows I used zipper by the yard because somehow I had the most perfectly coordinating zippers for these! Some are from Zipper Zoo and some from Zipper Valley. Plus I love using the zipper pulls where you can add a nice chunky zipper pull. They’re the icing on the cake!

Yarrow Pouches in Riverbend

I love that these hold a little stash of cards and folded bills, plus have room for some of the smaller extras you need to keep on hand like chapstick or a floss stick or some hair ties! You never know! I think these would make a perfect bridesmaid gift! Well, any kind of gift really, but you know.

Yarrow Pouches in Riverbend

Here are a few more examples of Yarrow Wristlet & Pouches:

And of course if you like videos, the Yarrow has a complete sew-along:

Project Details

*Riverbend has been arriving in shops! Yay! Be sure to check with your favorite shop! Or try an online search for “Anna Graham Riverbend” or “Riverbend Robert Kaufman” and check out the #RiverBendFabric hashtag on Instagram. Can’t wait to see what you make!!!!

7 thoughts on “Yarrow Pouches in Riverbend

  1. Rachel says:

    These are adorable!! I’m thinking I might need to make a stack for stocking stuffers for Christmas!

  2. Karen says:

    What a bunch of cuties those little zippered Yarrows are!!! If using zipper by the yard, would you recommend the #3 or #5 zipper size?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Karen, I used a #5 on these samples.

  3. Geoff says:

    Do you have any advice regarding which interfacing to use if you decide on 8 oz waxed canvas as the exterior fabric. Getting fusible interfacing to stick to waxed canvas is said to be difficult and in general ironing it is probably not a great idea, so I’ve never tried it. I have made the Buckthorn backpack from waxed canvas (fabulous pattern, our daughter loves it !) and ended up quilting interfacing to just the lining fabric for some extra stability. Have you had success with any particular interfacing in this situation ? I guess this question relates to your other patterns as well, if using waxed canvas. Is 8oz waxed canvas generally heavy enough to just skip it altogether ? Thanks so much.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hello Geoff! Yes, just skip it altogether. Alternately, you could add extra/different interfacing to your lining pieces.

  4. Carol Fay says:

    Can a regular metal zipper be used successfully on the yarrow?

    1. Noodlehead Customer Service says:

      Metal zippers are not recommended for this pattern. There are a lot of great options for nylon zippers with a metallic finish. These would be a great option.

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