Black and linen Haralson Bag

Thanks so much to everyone who joined along in our little sew-along! I wanted to show you my black and linen Haralson Bag that I sewed during the filming. I’m so glad to see that you’re having fun sewing the Haralson up. It’s always so amazing to see your beautiful creations!

Black and linen Haralson Bag

I don’t have much else that I felt that would be helpful to share as part of the sew-along, so that pretty much wraps things up. We covered the entire project in two parts. You can check out Part One here, and Part Two here.

Black and linen Haralson Bag
Black and linen Haralson Bag

This Haralson features the turn lock hardware option. I picked out a couple of contrasty linen and black fabrics for this one. It’s one of my default color schemes. If I could dig up a pictures of 6th grade me, you’d see me in a black blazer and black and white shirt and matching earrings. So very 80’s of me.

Black and linen Haralson Bag

I wasn’t sure about this linen (if it’s a blend of linen/cotton I’m not super sure) but I think it ended up working really well. The woven fusible worked great to stabilize the fabric enough and I’m glad that it did!

For the flap I used a cotton twill. This particular one is by Ruby Star Society. They just came out with a few colors and I picked some up when I ordered from Hawthorne Supply Co. I do really like using cotton twill for this project, it’s a nice weight range for this design. Plus, it’s very easy to sew with, being similar to working with quilting cotton.

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