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Haralson Bag Sew-along Part 2

Welcome to the Haralson Bag Sew-Along Part 2! I’m so excited to have you join along! 

Haralson Bag Sew-along Part 2
Haralson Bag Sew-along Part 2

Here’s the schedule I’ll be following for the sew-along:
Part 1: February 20th, fabric selection, cutting & fusing, sewing the exterior back and inserting the interior zip pocket
Part 2: February 27th (today), making Front Panel, hardware closures, and assembling the bag
Part 3: March 7th, Black and linen Haralson sample

In today’s video (Part 2, linked below) I cover the remaining steps of the pattern including installation of the different hardware options.

After reading through your pattern, you’ll notice that there are already two videos included! Yep, see?!, one of the many benefits of reading through the pattern!

Those videos are both found on page 10 (of the PDF) in dark gray boxes, click the link (where it says “click here”) when you’ve got the file open in Acrobat and it’ll open the video. Be sure you have any pop-up blockers disabled.

The videos will come in handy if you’re sewing up another Haralson and just need help brushing up on those specific steps. So feel free to reference back to those as needed! The same steps are covered in the full sew-along video as well.

After this week you’ll have a completed Haralson Bag! I hope you enjoy watching it!

There may not be much to cover next week, but if you have a certain question please let me know and I’ll try to discuss it! Just leave a comment below.

Watch the video for Part 2 of the sew-along!

Click the image above to watch the video. Or click this link to play the video.

Looking for supplies for your Haralson?

Below are supplies for the Haralson Belt Bag pattern that are available in my shop: 

Thank you so much for sewing along! I can’t wait to see Haralson bags! Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@noodlehead531) and use #HaralsonBag or #HaralsonBeltBag #noodleheadpatterns

4 thoughts on “Haralson Bag Sew-along Part 2

  1. Diane Mather says:

    Hi Anna, such a great pattern!! Will you have the hard copy available for purchase soon?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Diane! I should have them available next week, March 13th or so.

    2. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Diane, yes, hoping to get those listed this week. Thank you!

  2. LesleySW says:

    I really enjoyed this pattern (which I purchased at Crimson Tate in Indianapolis) and sewing the bag. Great tutorial. Thank you!

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