Super Tote – Around the Bend

Sewing projects that highlight a favorite fabric are always my fave. I like to let large-scale designs take the stage and leave room for a few supporting roles with the accents and linings. This Super Tote featuring Around the Bend falls directly into that category!

Super Tote - Around the Bend

Any opportunity to make samples of my older patterns is always a treat. The familiarity of the project combined with the newness of the fabric designs makes for an intriguing sew! I pulled out this main print from Around the Bend (there’s several colorways to chose from) and had a fun time playing around with different possibilities for the lining/accent parts. I finally settled on this combo, but I think I could have easily made 5 more just for fun to see how everything comes together.

Super Tote - Around the Bend

Foam stabilizer was the main interfacing on this one (byAnnie’s). Stitch Supply Co. is where I like to buy mine. Foam interfacing was fairly new to the scene back when the Super Tote was first released. I do like using it for this pattern on the main front/back pieces. An added bonus to this project is that there’s very little hardware involved. A zipper and a pronged magnetic snap is all you need! And you can even skip those if you wanted!

Super Tote - Around the Bend

Project Details:

And for a fun little trip from the past, here are a few more Super Totes I’ve made:

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