Mini Traverse Bag in Quarry Trail

The other day I finally had time to sew something I wanted – anything. So I grabbed some fabric and started in on making a mini Traverse Bag in Quarry Trail. I always feel a lot burnt out after sewing all the samples from a new fabric collection, so I’m trying my best to keep things interesting and sew for fun!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a Traverse Bag. Believe it or not it’s already been a couple of years since the last one (seriously this feels like yesterday). But I looooove making them! It’s such a fun sew and I love watching all the pieces come together. I think it’s especially fun because it’s not a big bag, so cutting and interfacing and having a smaller workspace makes it really doable! I know with larger projects you definitely need room to spread out, but the mini Traverse is just right.

Mini Traverse Bag in Quarry Trail
Mini Traverse Bag in Quarry Trail
Mini Traverse Bag in Quarry Trail
Back view

One thing I continue to love doing after all these years is pulling fabrics and supplies for a project. It’s so fun to grab fabrics and search for its perfect compliment (or try anyway!). I originally had a solid black Essex pulled for the Accent fabric, but once I got sewing I realized I wanted a simpler look. So I ripped out the black piping and got to sewing. The other thing I swapped out was a leather crossbody strap. When I nixed the piping I grabbed a nearby strap of leather – my favorite time-saver.

Loxx Fastener

Another reason I wanted to make the Traverse was to try out how the Loxx fastener worked on it! I’m happy to report it’s really slick! I think it’s honestly even easier than a turn lock and definitely fool-proof when it comes to install. The Loxx is installed after everything is assembled, so it’s just a matter of cutting holes and tightening down the Loxx washers. The great thing about the Loxx is that it’s finished look on both sides. With a turn lock or magnetic snap, you have to hide the fastening system between layers. But with Loxx you don’t have to worry about it showing because it looks great from both sides. I like!

Anyway, it was fun sewing this cutie up, and my daughter kindly modeled it for me. It works so much easier to to not have to use a tripod and remote timer from time to time. I need to figure out how to find more models for new patterns, etc. It’s fun to work with other people who like and appreciate handmade!

Project Details

Have a great week!

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