Dad’s Sandhill Sling

When the Sandhill Sling first came out, I showed my parents a few of the samples I had made. They’ve always been amazingly supportive of my sewing and work. They really loved the design and my mom was even the one who made the name suggestion (believe me when I say we kicked a lot of ideas around!). While I was giving them the full tour, my Dad mentioned he would love his very own Sandhill Sling, so of course I was excited for the opportunity to make something he’d like. So this is my Dad’s Sandhill Sling!

Dad's Sandhill Sling

It did take me some time after the pattern release and sew-along to make him his sling, but I was so happy to do it! We picked out the exterior fabric together (he loves green) and then I got to pick the lining and hardware and sew it up! I can’t believe it took me this long to blog about it – I think I gifted it to him maybe in January of this year? Anyway, he’s enjoyed using it – you can tell by the dirt, hahaha! He’s always doing something – including chopping wood and taking their dog on walks. I’m happy that he likes it.

Dad's Sandhill Sling
Dad's Sandhill Sling

Leather Details

I did have a fun time customizing his with this little leather tag. He loves using his initials on things (he’s always making something with wood or metal or anything really), so I felt pretty cute adding this before I gave it to him. While I was at it, I made leather pull tabs from the same leather and secured them with rivets. I normally use a softer leather for the pulls, but this was a fun one and I like the way they turned out.

Project Information

Thanks Dad for being a good sport and modeling for these pictures. Love you! 🙂

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  1. Lisa says:

    I love that your dad wanted a bag! I’m thinking that my adult sons could benefit from having these. With phones and dog leashes, etc. pockets on skinny jeans aren’t enough!

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