My Pepin Tote

Shortly after the end of the Pepin Tote Sew-along I was able to sneak in some time to sew up my Pepin Tote – one just for me. It just so happens that the tote I had been using got chocolate all over on the lining one day. *Ahem* not sure how that could have happened. I was craving making another Pepin Tote so I got busy cutting & sewing.

My Pepin Tote

Waxed Canvas

The waxed canvas I used is from Fabric Funhouse. It’s the Coyote Brown color and I think it’s one of my most favorite colors right now. I have several favorites of course, but this one is just so good!). I knew it would make a great bag and hide all the dirt that comes with being thrown around on a daily basis.


I added some rivets to mine because I love rivets! I’m always hesitant to show them on my pattern samples because I know they can be intimidating. Plus you don’t HAVE to use them. However, I think that once you’ve set a few, they add such a nice touch. And having a hand press really makes it slick. Check out my tutorial on setting rivets if you’re up to trying them out! Included in that post is all the info plus some sources for where you can get yours!

The handles are my rustic leather and I used the metal snap on the front pocket (here’s the tutorial for that). Inside I used the magnetic snap and one of my favorite linings (because it’s a sturdy enough weight I don’t have to use interfacing) from Fancy Tiger Crafts.

Project Information:

Complete sew-along for the Pepin Tote (including step-by-step video) available here.

5 thoughts on “My Pepin Tote

  1. Ania says:

    Bardzo ładna torba podoba mi się gratuluje:)

  2. Sandy Anne VanderMoere says:

    I am making the pepin tote. I am confused as to what is on the outside pocket? A rivet? I bought metal magnetic snaps, but those would not be seen on the outside. Right? I watched your tutorial on metal snaps. Still a bit confused as to what is on the outside I f your pocket??

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Sandy, it’s a metal snap (size 24) from the supplies list (it’s optional):
      Feel free to email us at if you have further questions.
      Thank you!

  3. karen says:

    Hi! I’m very new to sewing and trying the Pepin Tote bag for my first time! This may be a silly question, but I was wondering when should I install the rivet? Should it be done right after boxing the corners on the exterior and before making the lining so that when the bag is constructed with the lining that you don’t see the rivet from the inside? Or do you install the rivet last so that the rivet will be seen from both the exterior and interior?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Karen, great question! I usually install the rivets on the exterior only before making the lining, etc. Hope that helps!

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