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Sandhill Sling Complete Sew-Along

Thanks for following along here on my blog. It’s been almost 12 years since I started blogging! So thank you for being here and welcome to the Sandhill Sling Complete Sew-along!

I’m excited today to share the Sandhill Sling complete sew-along with you! This sew along wrapped up last month (Mar. ’21) and it was a blast sharing videos and information that will help you complete your sling! Even some fun extras, too!

I’ve been using my Sandhill for over a year now and I’m not ready to switch over to a different style bag yet. I love being able to take what I need on walks and hikes. It’s been great to be hands free and still bring the basics!

It’s so interesting to hear from fellow sewists who’ve made their own Sandhills and what they bring with, it’s kind of fun to know what fits! Be sure to check out the #sandhillsling hashtag on Instagram for loads of amazing slings!

Sandhill Sling View A

Fun Fact

Did you know that the Sandhill Sling was named after a local bird, the Sandhill Crane? I think the name is quite fitting with the style of bag. The long neck of the crane reminds me of the sling’s strap connector and strap in a round about sort of way. I’ve taken two trips to the International Crane Foundation with my daughter’s on their field trips. Cranes are amazing birds! If you’re ever in Wisconsin, check it out! Sandhill Cranes are a very common sighting in the Mississippi River valley where I live, and we frequently encounter them in the backwaters of our local lake. They make really cool sounds!

This post is available now to make the sew-along accessible to anyone who needs it. Even though the sew-along isn’t currently happening, you can still follow along at whatever pace you need, whenever you need it!

Links to the Sew-along

Below are the links to the newsletters that went out weekly as part of the sew-along:


Sandhill Sling View B interior
Sandhill Sling View B interior

Hope you have a wonderful week!

3 thoughts on “Sandhill Sling Complete Sew-Along

  1. Kris says:

    ooo I missed out on the sew along. I may have to get pattern and make on my own. I love the Sandhill name as we in Nebraska are familiar with the cranes too because they stop over near me. Great site to see. Okay so for some reason all your links to your shop say they are broken and I can’t get to them. I think if I go out and google the specific pattern I can get there just curious why that is?I am not a word press user but that should not stop the shopping. ??

  2. laurie welsh says:

    Where can I purchase nice canvas for this bag.?How can I tell if it nice quality?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Laurie, I recommend shopping at your local independent quilt shop.

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