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Sewing Stuff | Quick project to sew | NoodleheadThanks so much for your awesome comments on my last post. I so love interacting with you lovely blog readers. Sometimes I get so tired of my ‘here’s what I made” posts! It’s not easy keeping up on any kind of schedule for me, but once I get a bit sidetracked, or a big bogged-down feeling. Forget it. It’s especially challenging this time of year to stay upbeat feeling when it’s below zero every day. I was thinking about how I do have a some really quick projects that I like to sew and usually don’t take the time to dedicate an entire blog post to. And maybe you’re stuck in between projects or need something satisfying to whip up and finish in a couple hours time. So here’s a tiny round up of a few things I’ve made in the past 6 months or so and shared on Instagram, but never saw the light of day on this blog.

Clockwise from top left:

Zippy Wallet \ Grommet Keychain \ Lined Drawstring Bags \ Diaper Pouch

Hope this gives you a few fun inspiring ideas. Sometimes all you need is a quick project to get your creative juices going again.

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Friday Creative Happenings

Friday Creative, Noodlehead: Snoflinga Hat

Happy Friday everyone! It seems crazy that we’re already into February. For me that means that March is just around the corner and Spring won’t be too far off of that! To be honest I’ve been having a case of ‘want to make everything but can’t commit’ lately. Luckily I’ve had this feeling in the past and I know it doesn’t last too terribly long. It’s a bit of a bummer though, I want to make everything! I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years. It seems like I can finally take a look at my creative ebbs and flows and hopefully realize that just as soon as I start to feel frustrated about something, that things change. They always do.

Friday Creative, Noodlehead

For today, I thought it would be fun to share a bit of what I’m finding interesting these days. I’ve really enjoyed the idea of continuing to learn and push myself creatively. I’m always scouring our online library catalog or making trips to the library. It surprising what you find interesting when you don’t necessarily look for it. I’ve picked up these books:
Friday Creative, Noodlehead: Books

Playing with Surface Design by Courtney Cerruti (spotted Leslie with this book and knew it had to be good) || Rising Strong by Brené Brown

I’ve also finally cast on a Snöflinga Hat (pattern by Jenny Gordy of Wiksten). I cast on several times before realizing that I either had the wrong needle size and then finally realized I didn’t have a 16″ circular needle. I did have some dpns, so I cast on a final time and have gotten a few rows in. It feels good, especially since I really need a new winter hat. I’ve been toying around with lining a hat with microfleece, if anyone has done that, I’d love to hear a bit of the process. Or maybe I’m making it seem too complicated than it really is. Either way, I need a lined cozy hat! I also managed to shrink my favorite store-bought knit mittens in the dryer. While those will be used by my girls now, I definitely need another pair. I’m thinking of these Great Up North Mittens by Drea Renee Knits.

Friday Creative, Noodlehead: Snoflinga Hat

Lastly, I’m trying to narrow down my choices for a bit of a long-term project. I’ve always wanted to make an Ocean Waves quilt (Denyse Schmit: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration), but I also have a bunch of patterns I’ve been meaning to start, too. What long-term project are you working on? Or do you like making things that only take a short amount of time to finish? I’m normally in the quick projects boat, but have realized that a longer project is really satisfying to work on bit by bit.

Friday Creative, Noodlehead: quilt patterns

Hope you have a great weekend!


ringo pie: camera!

The last (and super late) installment of the first round of Ringo Pie.  If you’re curious, you can check out my previous blocks here.

Amy of Badskirt requested all things camera.  I was super excited about the theme and it took me forever to decide on a design, although I still  have one more idea that I just might have to sew up.

I was just excited to be part of this group of talented ladies, and I’m hoping I’m qualified for the next round. Eeek!

The only thing I didn’t notice until it was daylight, was that my iron had been spitting up a little water and left a couple really faint brownish marks on the green background, I’m thinking it’ll come out in the wash.  🙁

Hope you have a great weekend. ♥