ringo pie: christmas block

Still catching up on my Ringo Pie blocks.  Man, this one was hard too.  Amber (One Shabby Chick) chose a Christmas theme and I had no idea what to make – maybe just because there were so many ideas that I wanted to try.  Other than that, I realized I am not a planner, at least not at this point in my life.  I just don’t plan that much stuff ahead of time.  I know a lot of people who are amazing planners, I however am not one of them.  So it was hard too because I don’t even really want to think about Christmas at this point, just trying to enjoy fall.  But it was fun though, I actually got into the more ideas that popped into my head.

I remember pinning this love block by tula pink and I just was dazzled by it.  I mean, how cool is that?!

So I did a Christmas version using the word ‘noel’.  I hope it fits in with the rest of the blocks Amber!

And just because, here’s a shot of all the ringo pie blocks made for me, for my desserts theme, I have yet to make my block.  🙁


ringo pie: quilt on a line

Just finished up my Ringo Pie block for Corey of Little Miss Shabby.  Check out her amazing pillow she just made, makes me want to make pillows!  Corey’s theme was quilts on a line, so I tried to think of something different.  I drew so many sketches for this block, somehow each one was way too complicated, I’m a simple kind of gal.  So of course laying in bed one night after being extremely frustrated, I thought of what I wanted, a quilt at night.

If you’re like me at all, I’m pretty crappy at remembering things, so sometimes when I hang stuff out to dry it ends up there overnight.  Probably not a good thing, but at least they dry the next day, right?

I think the contrast from the dark sky is so pretty with the bright happy quilt.  And I couldn’t resist adding Mr. Moon and a twinkly little star.

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Hope you have a great weekend!


ringo pie: design classics

This one’s a little late, eek, sorry Lynne!  Hopefully it’s better late than never.  It was Lynne of Lily’s Quilts month for Ringo Pie.  I was pretty stumped at what to make.  There were so many ideas, but I kept coming back to the idea of danish furniture: timeless, classic, clean.  Of course I just happen to be pretty obsessed with it myself, you can see the dresser I found last fall in this post.

So here’s the block. A danish dresser, a mid-century enamel bowl, and a stack of pretty books.

You can see my previous ringo pie blocks: herehere,herehere, and here, and here.

hope you like it Lynne!