two baskets and a flickr group, yay!

I love this basket tutorial from Pink Penguin, can you tell?!   I had promised my sister-in-law that I would make her a couple for her and my brother’s anniversary — in October!!!  Shame on me, at least I got them done though right?  Better late than never.  I used canvas again instead of the linen (just because I had canvas and linen has been hard for me to come by).

This time I tried the larger version that Ayumills describes on her FAQ page.  I love both sizes and think they’ll make a great addition to their bathroom – hopefully they’ll look good.  At least baskets are pretty versatile, they’d be great in any room.  Now if I was a really thoughtful sister I would have filled the baskets up with something fun, but I decided just to ship them off before I waited until their 3rd anniversary. 

In other news, just thought I’d share the link to the flickr group I just started for Noodlehead tutorials. That’s right, can’t wait to see all your super cool creations. Hope you join in!