Floral Haralson Bag

I can’t believe I never shared this floral version of my Haralson pattern here on the blog.

Floral Haralson Bag

I had made my first version (after many many prototypes) from this same floral print! And I happened to have enough left over to make another sample during the recording of my Haralson sew-along videos. If you watch the videos, you’ll get to see it in action, hopefully it’s also nice to see some still photos that are styled.

Floral Haralson Bag

Digitally Printed Fabric

This sample uses a cute floral I had printed at Hawthorne Supply Co. The floral design is by Sunday Babes and is printed on their cotton/linen blend. I hadn’t used their print on demand fabrics before this project. It was quite easy to work with.

My only aside (and this is maybe related to some digital printed fabrics?) is that the most worn parts of the fabric do tend for the design to rub off showing more of the base cloth. Almost all the bags I’ve ever made or used (using digitally printed fabrics or not) experience similar wear over time, but I think with an overall print like this it is more noticeable when the print wears away showing a cream/natural base cloth underneath. Just something to think about.

Floral Haralson Bag

I paired the floral with some dry oilskin scraps I had leftover and the Monster Snot and Cream zippers available in my shop. The webbing is Cognac, but I have some great alternatives, too! Acorn and Hazelnut are both beautiful brown toned webbing colors. All are available in my shop!

I used the hardware and leather closure option (which is what I use for my personal bag as well). The pattern includes using other hardware closure options such as a Turn Lock or a Loxx Fastener. I go over installing each closure in my video as well!

Project Details:

Here are the links to the sew-along videos in case you need them.

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