Denim and Walnut Redwood Tote

The pieces to this Denim and Walnut Redwood Tote were cut over a year ago. I was deep into making all the samples for my Around the Bend fabric collection and this color combo was one I just couldn’t put away.

Denim and Walnut Redwood Tote

I ended up not having time to actually sew it after I cut the pieces (I sewed a different Redwood up instead). It got set it aside knowing I would eventually get to sewing it up. I wasn’t until earlier this fall that I pulled out the pieces (and re-cut the ones that got missing along the way, hahaha) that I got to work.

Denim and Walnut Redwood Tote
View of Back

Video to check out

I made a few reels showing the process of making this Redwood Tote. I actually love taking video of making it. It’s been fun to stretch creatively with video. Stop by my Instagram to check out Part 1 and Part 2 here.

The colors are some of my favorites, I used Big Sur Canvas in Walnut (from Stash Fabrics) for the Side Panels and the Coreopsis print from Around the Bend for the featured center panel. The lining was separated into the tiny Denim Gingham for the pockets and Fungus print from Around the Bend.

Interfacing notes

I had a small scrap of waxed canvas that I used for the bottom reinforcement piece. It pairs nicely with the leather strap and handle details. I tried out Emmaline Bags EB-Fuse in a medium weight for the interfacing for the lining pieces. I really like the extra sturdiness it provides! Especially because the prints that are printed on Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun. Homespun is a little looser weave than the other Essex just because of the construction of the fabric. I used SF101 on all the exterior pieces as per the pattern.

Reinforced Bottom

Project Details

Denim and Walnut Redwood Tote

*Around the Bend is in shops NOW! Yay! Be sure to check with your favorite shop! Or try an online search for “Anna Graham Around the Bend” or “Around the Bend Robert Kaufman” check out the #AroundtheBend fabric hashtag on Instagram.

5 thoughts on “Denim and Walnut Redwood Tote

  1. Janis M Rose says:

    I love your bag and it inspired me to make one for my sister and one for myself! I just ordered the leather handles & other supplies from your website. Could you explain how you attached the handles and where you found the hardware please?
    Thanks so much for your beautiful designs and a great, informative blog!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks so much Janis! Yes, here’s a blog post with the steps and rivet info:

  2. Janis M Rose says:

    Awesome! Thank you, Anna!

  3. Shawn says:

    When using a leather strap, did you use a strap slider? I’m worried the strap slider will scratch/mar the leather.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Shawn, I don’t use a slider when I make myself a bag (I make mine a fixed length that works for me). Hope that helps!

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