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I’ve always loved using Jeni’s quilt patterns, so the Arithmetic Quilt (by my friend Jeni Baker, In Color Order) using Quarry Trail felt just right! I had made the Arithmetic before, it’s always a fun quilt to make. So the baby Arithmetic was back on my must-make list again.

Arithmetic Quilt Quarry Trail - Noodlehead

I made the Baby size of the pattern this time around. It was difficult to whittle down to only a few fabrics. I had cut quite a few different squares to play around with and finally landed on this combination. That’s the fun part, right?! I do love the puzzle of choosing fabrics and having fun with different combinations.

Batting, Backing, & Binding

The batting I used has been my favorite for a while, it’s a nice weight and has a beautiful drape. I typically order the Quilter’s Dream Orient batting from my local quilt shop, but I also love the Quilter’s Dream Cotton (picked up the crib size from Stitch Supply Co. for this one!). I feel like it pairs well with the Essex which is a bit heavier than a quilting cotton.

Choosing the most cozy backing is one of my favorite tasks about making a quilt, too. For this one I used a super soft gingham from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. I just love all their ginghams, you can’t go wrong! This particular one is their 1/4″ Carolina Gingham in Sand – soooo soft! What’s your favorite backing?

The binding is Kona Doeskin, which I think is a lovely compliment to Quarry Trail! It’s a nice neutral which goes well with so many colors.

*Quarry Trail is slowly trickling out to shops. Be sure to check with your favorite shop! Or try an online search for “Anna Graham Quarry Trail” or check out the #quarrytrailfabric hashtag on Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Arithmetic Quilt | Quarry Trail

  1. Dione Silver says:

    I am a big fan of patchwork clothing. During quarantine, I used to sew a lot of different things. now I have a new idea from your blog. your idea really inspired me for trying to make a one for me too. thanks a lot for inspiring me.

  2. patchcath says:

    J’ai assemblé un dessus de courte-pointe taillé dans mes restes de tissus dès septembre dernier en pensant que les activités de groupes allaient reprendre et continuer sans les soucis de début d’année 😉 … et j’ai matelassé mon patchwork seule en prenant des nouvelles des participantes par mail, mais certaines ont abandonné par manque d’échanges réels. J’aime beaucoup les couleurs de ton ouvrage ici <3 Je suis arrivée ici par curiosité sur ton sac 241, j'ai compris l'assemblage et je m'en ferai un très bientôt. Merci des belles confections que tu partages ici

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