Side Release Buckle Video for Range Backpack

Side Release Buckle Video for Range Backpack - Noodlehead When I first started sketching ideas for the Range Backpack pattern, I had lots of ideas of what would make a great closure. Up until some of the final samples were made I had intended to include an option of using a Side Release Buckle instead of the d-ring closure. Before I get too far, I should note that I love the simple function and aesthetics of the d-rings and that’s why I stuck with them, but a Side Release Buckle is a great alternative. And who loves alternatives? Me!

Side Release Buckle Video for Range Backpack - Noodlehead

I decided that it would be much easier to cover the information in a video format and I think you’ll find that it’s an easy swap. In the video I cover buckle sizes and how to adjust your closure on the Range Backpack to accommodate the Side Release Buckle.

Click here to watch the video

As I mention in the video this is a great option for anyone who wants to use the Range Backpack as a diaper bag, a great option for kids, and anyone who has limited dexterity in their fingers. And of course there are even more options than the d-ring closure (that’s included in the pattern) or the side release buckle that I covered today, so feel free to customize to your hearts content. That’s what’s great about sewing, you can change anything to what suits you best! I love that!

Side Release Buckle Video for Range Backpack - Noodlehead

  • There are quite a few places to search for Side Release Buckles. Just make sure you’re getting the size for a 1″ strap (which is what works with the Range Backpack closure) and is approx. 2.6″ tall (in the video I share about what you can do if yours is taller/shorter). Also mine is a single adjuster and flat. They come in double adjusters and curved (for dog collars and such), but for my example I use a side release buckle with a single adjuster that is flat.
  • I bought the one I used in the video from SewingSupplies on etsy  (the one I used is style A) but you can also check out your local shop, or big box craft store or even amazon.
  • If anyone is interested I might try to add these to my shop, just let me know in the comments.
  • Or let me know if you have any questions, too!

I’ll add this link in the Range Backpack resources page so it can be easy for you to find when you need it. 🙂

p.s. I’ll be doing a separate blog post on this particular Range Backpack with all the info on the fabrics, etc.

Side Release Buckle Video for Range Backpack - Noodlehead

6 thoughts on “Side Release Buckle Video for Range Backpack

  1. Vink says:

    I LOVE this design!

  2. Where did you acquire the fabric? Love it!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Mary, I got it from Miss Matatabi on etsy. I’ll be doing a full blog post about the fabrics, etc. for this range backpack next. 🙂

  3. Karen Miller says:

    Nice job. Another good look.

  4. Mardee says:

    Thanks for the tute on the side release buckle – I have debated doing that, and love how it looks! And I love that fabric – I’ve ordered other stuff from Miss Matatabi and love her fabrics!

  5. Twilla Ann Gill-Johnson says:

    I bought this pattern at my quilt Store, need to watch a tutorial on making this, especially cutting out, Which is the top part and which is the bottom. The class is April 4th and I have to do homework before class. Had to replace fabric already as I was cutting what I thought was the top part and wasn’t. I love the look of this backpack and want to make for Great Grands.

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