Dana Knit Plantain

Dana Knit Plantain - NoodleheadDana Knit Plantain - Noodlehead

Okay, I’m just going to link to the Dana knits right here, go ahead and mark down your favorite colors and then stop back here. Yep, go on, I’ll be here when you get back.

Dana Knit Plantain - Noodlehead

So if you’re not sure, I think these are some of my favorite knits ever. The colors, the softness, the fabric blend. It’s pretty close to heaven in my opinion. I bought these in the spring and then sadly let them sit in a pile until I washed them sometime at the beginning of the summer. Yet again, they sat (it’s a good thing fabric is patient). A couple of weeks ago we had a major kind of heat wave going on and I pretty much trapped myself inside and forced myself to sew at least a couple of projects with them for me and my kids!

Dana Knit Plantain - Noodlehead

I chose to sew up the Plantain Tee for myself. It was a pretty lazy choice for me. I have already sewn it into a striped top and a dress, so I have all the pattern pieces all set. By the way, that dress, is pretty much my favorite all-time most-worn clothing item. If you’ve seen me at a wedding or place that you have to dress up a bit, I’m most likely wearing it. It’s the highest in comfort and I love the way it looks with a belt! So the Plantain is a great staple in my opinion. It’s free, which seems kind of crazy, but for me I really like the fit.

Dana Knit Plantain - Noodlehead

I almost always raise the neckline of any top, no matter what. It’s just one of those comfort things for me. If a top is too low, I just won’t wear it. Other than that, it’s a straight forward and easy sew. I think I’ll be tracing out a larger size next time I make one, to see if how it works as a looser fitting tee. I think this particular fit on me is perfect for layering under a cardigan or lightweight coat (or great as a pretty dress on its own). So there you have it.

Pattern: Plantain Tee by Deer & Doe
Fabric: Dana Knit by Robert Kaufman (purchased from Hawthorne Threads) in Charcoal

Dana Knit Plantain - Noodlehead

Dana Knit Plantain - Noodlehead


6 thoughts on “Dana Knit Plantain

  1. erin says:

    Super cute, as always!

  2. Sarah says:

    Great tee! I also love your jacket!

  3. Nina says:

    Very nice – and somehow I hadn’t seen the stripy one which is lovely. Good plan with the neck, which is very low on the pattern. By the way, do you follow Secondo Piano? Sasha released a free t-shirt pattern this week, another lovely basic that’s such a generous freebie. I’m telling everyone in case they missed it!

  4. Tracy says:

    What a perfect fit! Beautiful color and it really does look soft. Oh, by the way, thought of you the other week. My husband and I were scouring the town for a new dining room table. After no luck at several stores, I remembered how you mentioned getting furniture at Golden Age Design. We popped over and fell in love with the second table we saw (I’m typing on it right now!) When the owner asked how I’d heard about them, he knew who you were 🙂 So thank you for improving my life even beyond sewing!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      oh that is so awesome about your table!!! Yayy! That makes me super happy Tracy!

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