Quarry Trail Inspiration

Today I’m sharing the backstory of my Quarry Trail fabric inspiration.

This month is finally when my newest fabric collection, Quarry Trail, starts shipping to stores! Be sure to ask your local quilt shop if they’ve ordered it! All of my hand-drawn designs are overprinted on Essex, Essex Yarn Dye, and Essex Homespun!

Quarry Trail Inspiration
Quarry Trail fabric collection, fat quarter bundle

I’m so excited to show you all that I’ve made using the collection. Last week I showed my quilted Buckthorn Backpack. Quarry Trail projects are starting their little tour to quilt shops (so maybe you’ll get to see some in person if you visit your local quilt shop when it’s safe to do so!). I sewed my heart out at the beginning of the summer and we took to my inspiration location to get the finished sample photos.

Design Inspiration

Inspiration for Quarry Trail came to me while being out on a local hiking trail that winds through an abandoned rock quarry. For me, I feel my best when I’m outside in nature hiking or trail running with my family and our dog, Frida. I love looking at the amazing things nature creates and I love witnessing the change of the seasons.

Each print is closely tied to what my eyes are drawn to as I hike through the trails. The rocks, leaves, wildflowers, sun and moonrise are all directly related to the prints. Of course I had to name the collection Quarry Trail! And taking photos along each hike is a requirement. Most pictures I take are just for my reference, but sometimes I’ll have my good camera with and do my best attempt at capturing the natural beauty. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.

I’ll be sharing my projects using Quarry Trail over the next few posts. For now you can find Quarry Trail starting to arrive at your local quilt shop. It comes in yardage and fat quarter bundles and a ten-square. I’m thinking because now that I have pictures of the ten-square pack that I need to make a ten-square quilt using it (it’s a FREE tutorial for making the quilt)!

I hope you’ll enjoy using Quarry Trail in your next project! Thank you for coming along on the journey.

5 thoughts on “Quarry Trail Inspiration

  1. Diane Beavers says:

    A true replica of nature’s beauty. I can’t wait to see it in shops. Thank you for sharing this look into your inspiration behind Quarry.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thank you Diane! I’m glad you’re excited for it! 🙂

  2. Patricia says:

    Anna – this fabric is so gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my hands on some. Thanks as well for the link to the 10 square quilt. I’ve been following your blog for many years, but had completely forgotten how beautiful this quilt was. Thanks for the reminder, and the inspiration.

  3. Reece says:

    What a beautiful collection Anna! I love the colour scheme equally as much as the designs. You always manage to create inspiring elegance. Way to go, and I’m so looking forward to making some beauties with them.

  4. Vlasti says:

    Incredible photos!!! I love your inspiration source: NATURE!

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