Kids King Pillow Covers

kids king pillow covers - Noodlehead

Yess! Bring on the fun and simple summer projects please!!! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of a simple and useful sewing project like these king size pillow covers for my kids. It was actually their idea, which is a nice twist. Natalie had hers for quite a while with a different cover, but Emily was able to make use of a king size pillow that I had stored away. I can’t even remember what I had bought it for, but it was nice to have it on hand.

kids king pillow covers - Noodlehead

I think this makes such a great gift for kids and I’m storing it away at the back of my mind for the next birthday party my girls get invited to. It’s of course not as big as a body pillow (which is kind of nicer in my opinion) and still makes for a great pillow to read or get cozy with, especially for kids! The other part is that it takes so little time and just a few supplies so that makes it super friendly for gifting and fun for kids to help with or even make on their own with a little supervision.

kids king pillow covers - Noodlehead

So we sifted through my stash and found the cutest prints. It was definitely the best part! We came up with all kinds of options and then finally decided on these. Aren’t they so cute?! Lucky for me I always keep a few invisible zippers on hand. I buy mine from Zipit on etsy but you can always pick one up at your local craft store. What’s really a game changer is having a invisible zipper foot. For just a few bucks you can have perfect invisible zips every time, no joke. Many years ago I followed Sew Katie Did’s invisible zip tutorial which I definitely recommend. I’ve done so many now that I’m sure I have my own little tricks and twists and am happy to show my kids, too. We had a great time sewing them up and I’m sure we’ll be making more soon!


kids king pillow covers - Noodlehead


Fabrics: Water Land by Jessica Neilson for Cloud9 Fabrics, backed with Summersville by Lu Summers for Moda (yes, we busted into the good stuff!)
Sleep Tight by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel, backed with Carolina Gingham by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Emily’s quilt is in the background, you can read about it here.

kids king pillow covers - Noodlehead

kids king pillow covers - Noodlehead

8 thoughts on “Kids King Pillow Covers

  1. Jen says:

    How much yardage do you need? Thanks!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Well, I’m not sure if all king size pillows are standard sizes, so check the tag on your pillow. But I cut mine an 1/2″ smaller than the size of our pillows, and used a 1/2″ seam allowance. Our pillows were 20″ x 36″, so I cut them 19.5″ x 35.5″. You’d need 5/8 of a yard for each side. 🙂

  2. Daniela D says:

    This is a great idea! Love them. I will have to make one for my daughter. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love happy, summertime makes! Gorgeous fabrics…

  4. Those prints look so lovely! I checked out the invisible zipper tutorial you linked in the article, it seems easy enough to follow, my daughter should be able to pull it off with little assistance. Thanks for sharing.

    – Leanna

  5. sewkatiedid says:

    Thanks for the link lovely lady;) As always, your photos are stunning.

  6. Karen500 says:

    Thank you for the zipper link. Did you use the 14″ invisible zipper length and place the zipper on the shorter side of the rectangle? I will be making these with my granddaughters-they love laying on the floor with their pillows and body sized pillows are too big for them. Great idea!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Karen,
      I bought a bunch of 20″ and 22″, they’re a pretty versatile size in my opinion. They can be shortened (which I did) for this pillow. I did put the zip on the short end (which was 19.5″) so I supposed it shortened it to about 17-18″ or so in order to more easily get the pillow in and out. Hope that helps. 🙂 Your granddaughters will love them!

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