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I’m making a quilt for me, for my girls, a quilt to remember my fabric journey. These snippets are a collection of my favorite fabrics, mostly super cute kawaii prints that I’ve collected since 2008. For me, that feels like a long time to keep fabric. Especially pieces that I think are so crazy cute — they deserve to be used and enjoyed.


Not only does this quilt represent things I want to enjoy, but also signifies changes in my overall aesthetic. I’ve grown and changed since I began blogging in 2009, so much has happened. My girls were so small then, and I loved using fabrics they enjoyed. After all, noodlehead is my oldest daughter’s nickname and the main reason I started this blog, a record of things I’ve made for both my girls. These fabrics represent a side of me that loves super cute, that loves happy childhood things. And as my girls have grown (seriously it’s not like they’re THAT old, but still!) I’ve changed and my sewing has evolved into making things for me, for my more grown up design-loving side. It’s not that I don’t love all things cute anymore, but I’ve changed and grown, and this quilt will eventually be a special look back to my girls when they were small. Looking back at some of the prints, I cherish the things I’ve already made using each one. Things I had sewn for my girls, for others. Fabrics I simply had to have, they’re just SO happy!


So begins a long-term project, a quilt I can cherish and share with my family.


Thank you for being on this amazing fabric journey, too! Have a happy weekend!

24 thoughts on “fabric journey

  1. What a beautiful idea. You and your girls will cherish this quilt. Also a great idea for fabrics bought long ago that may no longer appeal to you – I certainly have lots of those too!!

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Anna, So excited to see this quilt, which I am sure will be beautiful! Is there a pattern you are using, or a type of quilt?

  3. Kim Quade says:

    wonderful for you! love your posts and tutorials! thanks so much for the inspiration! have a lovely weekend!

  4. Stephanie says:

    What a great way to look at + make use of those long-held and loved pieces of fabric.

  5. Barbara says:

    Try to spread those pieces over two quilts. How would they divide one quilt after you’re gone? Family feuds have begun over less. I wish my mother had thought of those things.

  6. Megan W says:

    That’s a awesome way to make such a meaningful quilt. That sewing basket is pretty neat looking too.

  7. Susie B says:

    Oh I love this! You have made me realise I am on the same track. I have so many cute fabrics I still love nut are hoarding for ‘that’ quilt. I need to take snippets of them all and collate. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  8. jude jones says:

    Hi Anna, I love your blog and all you do! You are an inspiration for sure! If you ever want to sell some of your black and white “Summersville” houses scraps, I would love to buy them! I’m on a hunt! Keep up the good work. I think all of us evolve into new styles and interests, just how life goes. Thank you!

  9. Patricia Cash says:

    Wonderful idea for your family as it grows and grows.

  10. Rose says:

    I am (slowly) making a scrappy trip along quilt. I’ve got a huge fabric stash that makes me happy whenever I look at it, but it is all stored in various boxes and so I don’t see all the fabrics as often as I’d like, and often forget what I’ve got. Also, it has got a bit out of control, and this year’s plan is to try to use a lot of what I’ve got. Making the quilt is great as I am using all the different scraps, with memories attached, and I’ll be able to see them all everyday once the quilt is finished and on the bed.

  11. JulieAnn says:

    Such a great post and I can’t wait to see the quilt!

  12. Cherie says:

    Love this!!! Can’t wait to see your progress. What a special quilt it will be!

  13. Luciana says:

    I love your fabrics and projects!

    You have a gift on muy blog. I hope you like it!


  14. clare_uk says:

    This will be something so special for you and your daughters and something that can be passed down to grandchildren when that time comes! Great idea!

  15. Heather says:

    This quilt is going to be the cutest! I also have a love for super cute fabrics, as well as modern designs.

  16. pamelajs56 says:

    This is amazing! Its wonderful to have this quilt to share with your girls.

  17. Karisma says:

    Textiles have such an amazing ability to carry memory… what a wonderful project! And what wonderfully cute fabric! Have fun!

  18. heather says:

    love this! isn’t it funny that such a big project starts out as such a small stack of squares? 🙂

  19. sewmama says:

    I have the same sewing box! Can’t wait to see your quilt

  20. This is such a lovely idea. I recently finished a quilt with bit and pieces of scraps that I have used over the last six years. It’s a journey of my sewing in the last six years which started with my daughter’s birth. She has this quilt now on her bed and we both love it. We recently had our second child–it feels strange that he is not a part of this quilt, but I am sure when the time comes he too will have his own.

  21. Rachel says:

    What a wonderful idea! It makes me want to snip a square out of my favourite fabrics too!

  22. kristin says:

    ah, i love this idea! tastes definitely change (and new designers keep popping up that nudge our tastes even more than was possible in 2009) and i love that you’re commemorating your “early days” in this way. looking forward to seeing more!

  23. L says:

    I love this idea; it makes me want to do something similar

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