a little intro

I just wanted to quick introduce noodlehead to facebook.  Hello there, how do you do?  Very fine, thank you.

Now that they’re properly introduced I wanted to tell ya that you can hop on over and check out the noodlehead facebook page.  I just think it’ll be a great opportunity to have some fun chats and another way to connect with all my sewing friends.  Maybe you’ll find out how much of a dork I really am…..eeek!

But for real, I love flickr, I love love pinterest, so really, why not facebook too?  Let’s just see how much we can have on the table, right?!

3 thoughts on “a little intro

  1. That is how I feel, just pile it all on the plate- what’s one more thing? 🙂 Welcome to FB. Will pop over there shortly to officially “like” you Anna.

  2. julieb says:

    so i just found your blog, and love it! your tutorials are awesome, and im loving your girls clothes!

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