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2011 was a great sewing year looking back:

Thanks for joining with me on this journey, it has been one I never expected traveling, but have found so much joy along the way.  
I’m very thankful for all my friends and everyone who stops by this space, here’s to 2012! 


i learned how to knit

Hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed lots of time with family and friends.  You’ll never believe it, but yes, I finally learned how to knit.  My Aunt Mary sat down with me and showed me a few of the tricks.  I learned how to cast on and made it through quite a few rows  before screwing up.  But man, it was really fun and I’m glad I got a good start.  I’m really excited to pick up a pair of needles of my own this week.

It was pretty fun learning and messing up, and of course it was really fun being corrected by my cousin’s 10 year old daughter who already knows how to knit a pretty mean scarf.

Can you believe it Shannon?  Now maybe I don’t have to drool over all these luscious knit things and can actually give them a try myself… mayyybe.  Yay!