i learned how to knit

Hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed lots of time with family and friends.  You’ll never believe it, but yes, I finally learned how to knit.  My Aunt Mary sat down with me and showed me a few of the tricks.  I learned how to cast on and made it through quite a few rows  before screwing up.  But man, it was really fun and I’m glad I got a good start.  I’m really excited to pick up a pair of needles of my own this week.

It was pretty fun learning and messing up, and of course it was really fun being corrected by my cousin’s 10 year old daughter who already knows how to knit a pretty mean scarf.

Can you believe it Shannon?  Now maybe I don’t have to drool over all these luscious knit things and can actually give them a try myself… mayyybe.  Yay!

40 thoughts on “i learned how to knit

  1. Emily says:

    Yay! Knitting is a fun challenge! Hope you had a lovely holiday, Anna!

  2. Kandra says:

    I just picked knitting back up and even posted a pretty simple dishcloth pattern on my blog yesterday. 🙂

  3. nook. says:

    oh congrats! i’m so glad you love it!!! what a wonderful start to your new year! xo

  4. Fiona says:

    Knitting is great fun – enjoy!!

  5. Jennifer W. says:

    Oh yay for you! I wanted to learn how to knit for years, but couldn’t quite figure it out and didn’t know anyone who could teach me. I finally managed to learn this past summer thanks to youtube videos and I’ve been knitting nearly every day since. It’s such great fun!

  6. Shorty says:

    Yeah for you! I love knitting and crocheting. I can’t get enough of either form of yarny-loving goodness. Enjoy!

  7. jessyz says:

    Yay you! I love knitting, it is so relaxing and so much more portable compared to sewing. Hope to see some finished knits soon.

  8. kristin says:

    oh that’s awesome! a friend taught me a bit last year, but i need someone around more regularly to help fix my mistakes. 😉 happy knitting!

  9. There will be no stopping you now. You are going to be soooo hooked! All the pretty knits and ooo the yarn, that’s it, better make room for some serious stashing!

  10. miq says:

    Welcome to this addictive, and fulfilling world of knitting! I learned just this summer and was able to make 6 gifts this Christmas…you will be an expert in no time!

  11. Vanessa says:

    Yay! Go you! I still haven’t managed to figure knitting out. I can cast on and knit a few stitches and then it all goes down hill. . .

  12. Oh, that’s awesome! It’s so nice to get to learn in person. You’re gonna get addicted, just you see…

  13. Heather says:

    lucky duck!!

    my brain just doesn’t function that way!! 😛

    x, Heather

  14. What a great Christmas present to have given you. I’m sure you will be whipping up groovy dresses for the girls in no time at all! Enjoy.

  15. Anonymous says:

    That is great! My mom taught me to knit last week it is a nice relaxing alternative to sewing (I love sewing but man, it can be exhausting!). When I don’t have my mom to save me, I’ve found to be great!


  16. Brenda says:

    Welcome to the knitterly world!

  17. I swear it’s an addiction once you learn how to knit. I love to knit and there are so many awesome patterns out there that are free!

  18. Kasey says:

    Be careful–it’s totally addictive 😉

  19. Angel says:

    Oh FUN! I can write poetry, I can paint and draw pretty pictures… I can sew, I can crochet… the only thing I can not do is sing, lol… and I have never learned to knit! I guess that is something on my to-learn list! I am so excited you have learned! Maybe a tutorial is in our future? 😉

  20. Darcy says:

    So fun! I want to learn and then I think I can not possibly add one more craft to my already full plate, but still, it’ll probably happen someday. Oh and Happy happy birthday!

  21. I just learned to knit and it is super addicting! Welcome to the club, good luck!

  22. Katy Cameron says:

    Woohoo, go you! Looking forward to seeing what that blue’s going to be…

  23. Pamela Nees says:

    Congratulations! You will find it extremely addicting!! I have a hard time dividing my crafty-time b/t sewing and knitting!!

  24. good for you! i love knitting during family visits (perfect for the holidays). when i see my folks, my dad drives me crazy. when we visit the in laws, my father-in-law drives me crazy. either way, i have the zen-like motion of knitting to settle my soul. plus the added bonus of sharp instruments in my hands should the need arise 🙂

  25. Karen says:

    Good for you…learning to knit! It is such a wonderful passtime and something you can taking along everywhere you go if you find a few free minutes.

    I have taught a few people to knit in the past, the most recent one learned to make a dishcloth a day before she and her husband drove back to their home in TX. She went on to knit more dishcloths and then a potato chip scarf. You might try that also….they are such FUN to do!


  26. YAY!!! Congrats to you, Anna! Five years ago I learned to knit and it changed my life forever! You’re going to love it!!

  27. Mauri says:

    oh the knitting bug! yay! Watch out, this one can really stick because it’s soo mobile. 🙂 The sewing machine is a beast to lug around, two needles and some yarn? easy peasy!

    enjoy your new craft!

  28. sewtakeahike says:

    Congratulations, Anna!!! Knitting is a hard one for me, I just get all constipated and sweaty and stuff! I’m not kidding!! I would really like to be a knitter, but since it makes my blood pressure skyrocket and I can hear my heartbeat in my ears when I do it, I”m thinking I should stay away from the knitting needles for the most part! lol!

  29. laurakam says:

    Welcome to the dark side hehehe.
    You will love it. Keep a project in the car,,,waiting at dance the dr the ortho..honey I want to look at tires. You will be the most patient person ever and be amazed at what you get done in those little bits of time

  30. Sew Much Ado says:

    Good for you! I think I’m far too impatient for knitting, I’m afraid I’ll have to stick with my elementary crocheting skills (if you could call them that) for now. It is nice to make something that you can sit on the couch while doing though, isnt it?! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  31. Elsa says:

    Oh, Joy! I love knitting, it can be such a relaxing thing to do!

  32. Carolyn says:

    It’s on now! I can’t wait to see what beautiful things you make!

  33. sonia says:

    Next step: Ravelry and then You’ll be addicted! Enyoy it!

  34. **nicke... says:

    oh yes! i can’t wait to see what you create. your yarn stash is going to quickly become as huge as your fabric stash…

  35. D A Nelson says:

    Good luck with the knitting. It can take a wee while to get going, but once you do it’s great!! Dawn xx

  36. Kristie says:

    Whoo hoo! Welcome to a whole new obsession, it is my current fave 😉 Happy holidays, Anna!

  37. Faith Jones says:

    Oooo nice! I have picked up the basics but am having some trouble with my circular knitting for the Honey Cowl. I think I’m just going to make a scarf instead. 🙂

  38. Andee says:

    Congrats on learning to knit! I have only been knitting a few years and love it too..just taught my daughter how this past week when she was visiting…can’t wait to see what you make!

  39. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So excited for you!!!!! I just did the biggest happy dance! Woot woot! You can so do it!

    I expect you to join in at least one of the Knit Along’s starting up in 2012 😛

    Big hugs and here’s to 2012!

  40. Karen Sue says:

    Picking up the knitting again and wishing I’d paid more attention before. Would just love to have a yarn/knit shop and wondering what it would be that people would just want to be in my shop all the time…what is the drawing card there?? Of course, my personality!! But the shop details. I’d love to hear what people(knitters) crave in a shop.

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