sewing with kids: mini quilts

I think this is the perfect project to start out with younger children interested in sewing.  Natalie and Emily were begging to sew these little quilts once we talked about them a little bit.  It was fun!  

They each started out by picking out fabrics from my scrap bin.  Next I helped them each create a block.  It was interesting to see how they did!  Natalie had the hardest time keeping the fabric straight, Emily couldn’t reach the pedal, so I did the driving.  A good time was had.

So after they each made their scrappy block I added some sashing, free motion quilted it, and bound them using scraps!  Really a great way to use up any scraps of fabric, batting, or binding.  Plus now they both have a little quilt for their dolls or toys, it’s fun to see them dragging them around to play with.

I think I sense a Hello Kitty sewing machine headed this way for Christmas! eeek!

How about you, do you sew with your kids?

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  1. My daughter has been asking to sew with me for a while. She has been helping me with little things, like feeding the fabric through the machine, but she can’t reach the pedals either. I do think it would be lovely to pick out a little project that is entirely hers though. A good plan for this vacation. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Emily says:

    You are such an awesome mom! I love these!! Ansley would love if I let her sew but I’m thinking three might be a little young (at least for me anyway ha) Maybe after she can read and write and starts piano lessons. . . . I do let her wind the bobbin and pick out fabric and thread colors. 🙂

  3. kristin says:

    These are so sweet. I need to do this more with Em. She used fabric marker to color on some linen that I plan to turn into a potholder for my mom, but putting a quilt block together is even better! Love their choices, too. They’ve inherited your great taste in color/fabric selection. 🙂

  4. Avery's Mama says:

    My daughter has been bugging me to sew with her. She’s only 4 so I don’t know how much we would actually get done. I bought a hello kitty machine at a bargain price and have been impressed with it so far. They are so fun and too cute.

  5. memmens says:

    I did this with my 5yr old just the other week, VeryKerryBerry let her raid her box of scraps when we met up at the car boot sale, we then made a wonky log cabin blanket for her monkey – it’s so cool if slightly bizarre choice of prints!

  6. So cute! My son is not even 2, but I already fantasise that he’ll take an interest in sewing.

  7. piece peace says:

    My 5 year old girl is asking to learn to sew. I told her Santa might bring her a sewing machine this year for Christmas. I thought that Janome Hello Kitty one would be great for her. I could also use it when I go to QBees.

  8. Katy Cameron says:

    Well hey, at least she has the top to match the prospective sewing machine already ;o)

    Cute wee quilts, well done girls!

  9. ~ko says:

    You are such a good momma to get them started at a young age! I will be teaching my boys to sew, my husband (a Marine) knows how and it always impressed me. Just need to figure out some boy friendly sewing crafts. Any suggestions?

  10. Gina says:

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  11. chris says:

    I already have one of those H.K. sewing machines squirreled away for Christmas. I got it half off at our local Sears, a recent return that was just sitting there when I bought the microwave for our house. I just had to buy it! I can’t wait for Christmas morning already.

  12. Amy C says:

    This is the perfect size for a favorite little blankie to carry around. darling.

  13. **nicke... says:

    i really love that swoopy loopy quilting. it makes me want to go try it out right now!

  14. Jamie Lee says:

    I love this! Have you seen the book Kids Summer Camp? It is super awesome and worth twice as much as it sells for on Amazon.

    My daughter, who is six, made this quilt a few weeks ago:

    We ended up tying it so she could do the “quilting.” I cut the blocks, but she sewed everything together and tied it, then I put the binding on. I’m sad to say that some of the ties are coming loose. I’ve never actually tied a quilt, so we must have made a mistake with either the type of floss we used or the type of tie. We’ll have to retie it.

    I was thinking about you lately. I am a sahm and just applied for a job and made it through the phone interview to the actual interview. My youngest kid is 18 months, so I can’t decide if I want to go back to work yet. I hope it has worked out for you going back to work. I’m glad you still are able to find the time to sew and blog. I love reading your blog and seeing your creations!

  15. Jamie Lee says:

    ps. My daughter sews on my first machine which is a Kenmore when she’s just messing around (sewing clothes for her unicorn, making fabric necklaces, etc). I am trying to sell it right now so we can purchase a Janome DC1050 for her. It is the basic computerized model with needle up/down and speed control. I want it to have speed control so it is safe for her to use. She used my Janome to sew her quilt because we could slow it down so she could get an accurate 1/4 inch.

  16. I have wanted to do this with the kids since I first began to sew and it just hasn’t happened yet!! I LOVE IT!! I’m feeling inspired…. 🙂

  17. So sweet, Anna! What a perfect thing to do in the summer.

    Ironically for us, Aria seems to be less interested in sewing as my sewing spree continues. Maybe she feels bad for the sewing machine 😉

  18. DKB says:

    My 7 yo made a lap quilt for,her teacher,this year. She did 75% of the sewing on the top and I finished the rest

    1. DKB says:

      She is also taking sewing classes at Modern Domestic this summer!

  19. red in oz says:

    great quilts 🙂 My girls (2 and 4) love to sew with me, together we have made softies, quilts, pillows, cushions and aprons. I just let them join in as they please and I do the rest. They are so proud of the things they made themselves. We are starting of Christmas gifts next.

  20. I did have Sadie help me with the baby’s quilt-just the laying out of pieces, but she’s showing more interest, so maybe I’ll have her help me with a project like this one soon!

  21. love, love, love. i wonder if Henry would like some mini quilts for Woody and Buzz….

  22. Delia says:

    How cute is this? Love it. I am nervous to even let Owen drive. 🙂 I should really let him just go at it though. Thanks for the great parenting inspiration!

  23. Fab says:

    I taught my daughters how to make their own pillowcase. 🙂 Those little quilts are so cute.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I sew with my son when he was 5-6 years, it was not a great succes but one of my other interest catched him, he is cook.
    Marie Dejn hpr@post9.tele.dk

  25. Anonymous says:

    I have one a Hello, Kitty! sewing machine like the one you linked to, and I sew on it allot. (I don’t have any kidlets to share it with.) I bought a walking foot for it, and have even used it to make a flannel baby quilt. Don’t let the size/weight fool you—it is a real workhorse. I bought mine online from Target. My thought was that it would be easier to return it if it didn’t work out, since they will refund items bought online at any Target store.

  26. poppyart says:

    lovely quilts girls. i tend to make teacher gifts with the boys as they seem much more personal that way. and over the last couple of years, they have become more hands on in the process. last year there were some bookbags we did together – me helping to ‘drive’. and this year my 7 year old almost completed his own seams for a drawstring pouch for his friend. great stuff.

  27. Kristie says:

    Hi Anna! This looks like fun. I did a similar mini quilt project with my girls last fall, they each sketched a quilt design, then picked out fabric to help construct it. It was good fun. Happy to say they have the quilting bug :). I posted it her, if you want to take a peak:

    Also wanted to give you a hug about the multitasking thing….I don’t work full time, only part time, and find the balance hard enough, so I can only imagine. And as the kids get older, so much time is spent driving them here and there, and they stay up later so my nighttime sewing time has seemed to evaporated! I just do what I can. We are only human! There is Morton life than blogging! Take it easy on yourself, eh?

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