Printing Guidelines & Resources

Please read below for information on our patterns as well as different printing and workflow methods.

Measure & Mark vs. Pattern Pieces/Templates

Measure and mark sewing patterns are typically made of rectangles that can be cut with a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and gridded ruler.

  • The measurements for each piece are given in the pattern instructions (under the “Cutting Instructions” heading). These rectangular measurements are also included on label sheets (for most patterns) that are included in the pattern. The labels help keep you organized as you cut!
  • Measure and mark will save you time, money, and resources. You won’t need to print out, trim, and tape your pages together or wait for a copy shop to print your patterns.
  • I find cutting with a mat and gridded ruler to be faster and more accurate (and is my personal preferred method) but it is definitely a skill that I have worked on over time.

Beginner bag makers often find full-size pattern pieces/templates extremely helpful on their bag making journey. This is a personal preference and different sewists prefer different work flows. We are working to update many of our patterns to include files using both methods if applicable!

How will my files be delivered?

After purchasing your PDF (digital) pattern from my shop you will receive an email that includes a download link(s).

  • Click on each link to download your file, the files will be delivered as PDF files.
  • Please download and SAVE the PDFs to your computer or cloud storage. We highly recommend saving the files so you have easy access to them in the future.
  • If you have purchased a PDF pattern in the past, you can log in to your account (if you’ve set one up) and re-download your files. You can also access old purchases: Click here to have your order email resent.

What files are included when I purchase a PDF pattern?

  • Instructions file (includes measure & mark cutting dimensions for all rectangular pieces)
  • Print-at-Home file (& Assembly Guide) – some patterns have this as a separate file, some have it included at the end of the instructions.
  • Copy Shop/A0 file

What is a Print-at-Home File?

  • The Print-at-Home file will include a PDF with the full-size pattern pieces broken down into tiled pages that you can print on your home printer.
  • Once printed you will tape together the pages to create the full-size pattern pieces, from there you can cut them out and use them to create
    your project.
  • Our print-at-home files measure 7” x 10” – these are formatted to print on standard US letter paper and can be printed on A4 paper as well.

How to print and use the Print-at-Home files:

Once you have downloaded your files, you can choose the “Print-at-Home” version (or select the printable pages from the main PDF document). We highly recommend opening and printing the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader (it’s a free program available to download here).

  • Review the file and start by printing only the first page that has the test square. Make sure your printer settings are set to “actual size” or “no scale” so that the pattern pages are printed to the correct size.
  • After printing the test page, measure the square to make sure everything is accurate. If the size is correct you can continue to print the rest of the pages.
  • When printing is complete you will need to trim the edges of your pattern pages. You’ll want to trim the top and right side from any page that has a diamond on those sides. The pages will fit together nicely with any pages that have diamonds on the bottom or left sides (with a little overlap) to make taping easier.
  • After trimming, you will match the numbered/lettered diamonds and tape the pages together.
  • This will create the full-size pattern pieces, you can then cut out each individual pattern piece to use for sewing.
  • Some pieces will fit completely on one page, these do not need to be trimmed, you can simply cut out the pattern piece.

What is a Copy Shop/A0 file?

  • A Copy Shop/A0 File is a PDF that is designed to be printed on a large format printer. You will upload your file to a local or online copy shop and they will print one large page with all of the full-sized pattern pieces.
  • Once you have your file printed you can cut out the pattern pieces to use for your project.
  • Our copy shop files are approximately 46.8” x 33.1” – this is standard A0 size paper and is formatted to fit on US large format printing pages as well.

How to use a Copy Shop/A0 file:

The copy shop/A0 file that is included with your purchase can be printed at a copy shop or online printer that provides large format printing.

  • Depending on the shop this should cost less than $10 USD per page but the price will vary.
  • Many local copy shops have websites where you can upload your file and order everything online to pick up.
  • Your copy shop may also accept a file from a jump drive that you can bring to the store.
  • All files can be printed in Black & White, there is no color in the documents.

A few US chains include:

  • Staples – Choose – services, document printing, blueprints
  • Fedex – Choose – Design & Print, Explore Products, Architectural Prints

There are also a variety of websites that will print the pattern pages and ship them to you. Here are a few resources:





Each site will have their own instructions but you can upload the file, choose your selections and then the files will be shipped to you. You can also choose to print multiple sewing patterns at once to save on shipping costs.

Once your file is printed you will have full-size pattern pieces that you can cut out and use for your project.

I hope that these tips and resources are helpful as you start working with print-at-home and Copy Shop/A0 templates. Please reach out any time via email ( if you have questions, OR contact us via our Contact Us page.