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Fall dresses for the girls

I just finished up both dresses for the girls.  I chose corduroy in super cute prints I just couldn’t resist.  Emily’s dress pattern came from Lotta Jansdotter’s book “Simple Sewing for Baby” and I just added the placket ruffle.  Natalie’s is from one of my japanese pattern books called “Girls Style Book”. 
I think the japanese patterns and clothes aren’t as tricky as I thought they would be.  Although I’ve only made two items from them so far.  Natalie spent part of the afternoon flipping through the book saying how pretty everything was, but we’ll see if she actually wears them, that’s a whole other story…
This is a cute one of Natalie swimming in fabric.  It’s actually Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden and I’m planning on making this awesome looking tree skirt before Christmas!  I’m hoping I have lots of leftovers because the colors are just so beautiful.