Getting Ready

For the past few weeks I’ve been gearing up for my first craft show.  I’m pretty excited.  The other morning I walked into the sewing room and found this little surprise on my sewing machine.  Natalie had been doing some ‘decorating’.  She just loves to mess around with my sewing machine whenever the mood stikes!

For the craft show I made a few I-spy bags, a bunch of zippy wallets, and a dozen or so sandwich/snack bags.  The I-spy bags were pretty time consuming, but really fun to make.  I got the trinkets to go inside from High Pie on Etsy.  Of course I had to keep two for my girls, although Emily would rather eat the thing than play with it at this point. 

I also decided it would be fun to do a free little gift to tuck into each customer’s bag: something sweet, a Halloween eraser (gotta love the dollar spot), and of course a business card.

Do you think it’s fun to give away little freebies?  I do!  I’m hoping to get my tutorial up on Sunday and maybe a little freebie could be headed your way… stay tuned…

Craft Room Tip

Here’s a little craft room tip I thought I’d share.  My husband had bought about 5 of these magnetic strips from Ikea a long time ago.  He was planning on using them in the garage (they’re really intended for storing chef’s knives).  I snagged one for my sewing room. 
Not sure about anyone else with kids, but needles and scissors and lots of small doodads don’t really mix with well with my girls.  I was always trying to find a good place to hide them and keep them secure, but also keep them close at hand.  So here’s what I came up with!  They’re super cheap at Ikea, so if you have one near you swing by and pick one up in the kitchen department.  I put my bobbins, scissors, some needles, safety pins and even my zipper foot all nicely stored up and out of the way, yipee!

First Birthday

Yep, Emily turned 1 in August.  We had her party at a local park.  My brother was able to get some really great shots with his dSLR (I’m so jealous!).  Anyway.  I embellished her shirt with a cupcake and had sewn her a Market Skirt from made, check out the tutorial here.  I love it!

Love you!