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creature comforts

Just thought I’d share a random assortment of things that have made life more comfortable around here.  I know, that just sounds dorky, but whatever.

If anyone is still planning on doing some road tripping, this funny little bugger was quick to make. 

nothing like kicking back and relaxing with your favorite movie in the car…

In fact, I made two for my girls very last minute before we drove here this summer:

This next one I meant to make ages ago when Crafterhours first shared it.  And then I actually stumbled upon their inspiration tutorial here which spurred me on to finally making one.  I used recycled cereal boxes and ended up using an Elmer’s spray glue to secure all the fabric in place.  I wanted to make a whole drawer full, but realized I just didn’t have enough kid friendly drawer space I could give up.  So it holds their silverware for now…

Lastly, I ended up doing some mending of a favorite pair of jammies that mysteriously got ripped.  Nothing fancy, just sewed another piece of knit right on top of the hole. 

I had a blast shopping on Saturday, and found some pretty fun stuff.  I’ll have to show you my find of the year in another post, I’m really excited about it.

spice up your kitchen

spice up your kitchen link roundup

Here’s a random list of fun kitchen projects to add to your list!

Polka Dot Potholders by a pretty cool life

Cute Coasters by The Sometimes Crafter

Dishwasher Sign by http://team-t-adventures.blogspot.com/

5 minute bread bag by Saltwater Kids

Fabric Strawberries by V & Co.

Kitchen on the Go by Create Studio

Triple Border Dish Towel by Sew4Home

New Table Runner by Diary of a Quilter

Spring Napkins by The Purl Bee

Little Girls Kitchen Apron by The Cottage Home

Patchwork Kitchen Mat via Sew Mama Sew

Quick Fix Grocery Bag by Between the Lines

Simple Apron by Skip to My Lou

Fridge Frame Tutorial by Zaa Berry

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Pendant Light by Ashley Ann

Kitchen Trivets by Handmade Mommy

Garden Markers by Tatertots and Jello

The Girlfriend Apron by Toad’s Treasures

Skinny Simple Table Runner by The Polkadot Chair

There’s probably a million more so feel free to leave any other great kitchen type tutorials in the comments, I’d love to take a look!  🙂

spice up your kitchen

spice up your kitchen wrap up & thank you

Just a few more little things I wanted to share.  Bon voyage Spice up Your Kitchen!  I’ll have a roundup later today for your list making pleasure – more kitchen tutorials I’ve dug up from here and there.


This was a fun and cute project I’ve been wanting to do.  Mini Kidlets! 

I just scaled them down to fit on my small coat hanger.  I figure they’ll be a great spot to stash smaller things like my keys, phone, and probably a random assortment of toys.  My youngest just squealed when she saw them this morning, and said ‘babies!’  How cute is that?! 

Also, here’s a picture of my mostly completed kitchen.  I still have a few little touches I’d like to add, but overall I’m pretty glad I got some things accomplished!  I’m no interior designer, but I like that it feels a little more me, instead of just a blank canvas.  At the same time everything is also easily changeable (I do like to change my mind!).

I did manage to put together a little wall frame collage with some cute prints from 1canoe2 on etsy (they also coincidentally have a cute array of kitchen items as well).   Have you tried out 3M’s removable picture hangers yet (ah, yes, a coupon too, niiiice)?  I love them!  Now I don’t have to worry about pounding holes in my crumbly plaster walls!

Here’s my last project: kitchen towels.  Just grabbed a pack from target and started sewing.  These would be a great house warming present all wrapped up with a bow. 

Thanks again everyone for stopping by and leaving such nice comments!  I love stopping by your blogs and seeing what you’ve been up to!  And a super huge thanks to all of the amazing guest bloggers: Crafterhours, Jess, Vanessa, Mary, Ayumi, Cally, Kari, Penny, Dana, and Care!