NEW! Making Backpack with Mini size!

I am so excited to re-introduce you to the Making Backpack pattern! I’ve added a new (mini!) size & added a BONUS alternate zippered front pocket option, too!  

Mini size with Alternate Front Zip Pocket

Here’s a quick list of the pattern’s features:

  • two sizes to sew! Regular and Mini
  • front slip pocket (plus BONUS! alternate zippered front pocket)
  • interior zip pocket
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • useful top handles
Mini size interior

Update Information

I’m sure you might be wondering, what if I already bought the original PDF pattern? Great news! Check your email* and a new download link has been sent! Just download the new updated file and save it to your computer/cloud storage! 

*automatic download link is sent (via our file host, SendOwl) to the email address you originally used to purchase your pattern, please check your spam/promotions folder. 

Mini size

If you purchased a paper copy from my shop (directly through my website, please contact us and we will verify your purchase and send you a complimentary PDF copy of the updated pattern. Thanks in advance for your patience while we get things sorted.  

The Making Backpack is a fun backpack that’s perfect in its simplicity, but also great for customizing. Choose your favorite canvas (prints or solids), waxed canvas, or dry oilskin and get to work creating your very own custom backpack. I’m excited to see what you make! Now with so many great options!

From left to right: Mini with front slip pocket, Regular with front slip pocket, Mini with Alternate Front Zip Pocket, Regular with Alternate Front Zip Pocket

I hope you’ll love this new Mini addition (& pocket)! I can’t wait to put my Mini Making Backpack to use this summer! 

Today through June 12th only (ends Sunday, June 12th at 10 pm CST) pick up your PDF for 20% off! No code needed!

Regular & Mini sizes

Construction Notes

The Making Backpack features bound interior seams for structure! It’s my favorite choice for this particular pattern.

This is different than my Sandhill Sling pattern where I feature a drop-in construction method. The beauty of either of these methods is that they’re interchangeable! Once you’ve tried each method, you may find one method works for you better than the other – and that’s perfectly okay! Sewing things yourself means you get to be in charge of your project!

If you’d like to check out the Sandhill Sling sew-along (click here for the YouTube playlist), you can use that method to construct the Making Backpack.


The Making Backpack was originally published as part of Making Magazine in 2018. And then as a stand alone pattern (Regular size) in October of 2018.

Supplies used:

I will be blogging about these samples individually, but here’s the basic rundown below.

Bronze Mini sample:

Read about the original yellow sample here.

Orange Mini sample:

Blue Regular sample:

Hope that covers it all! Thanks so much for being here, I appreciate all of you! Thanks for your constant inspiration.


Green Denim Divided Basket & Diaper Pouch

You know I love sewing for babies, right? I know it’s been a bit since I’ve made anything — but there’s a new baby in town! That always spurs me to make something. It’s really how I got back into sewing. I was pregnant with my daughter (who just turned 16!) and got the itch to make a few things – a crib set and such. It wasn’t long after that that I started my blog and business. So anytime I have the opportunity to sew for babies I get to work!! This green denim Divided Basket and Diaper Pouch gift was my most recent baby gift I made!

Green Denim Divided Basket & Diaper Pouch

I loved picking out fabrics for this one! The Divided Basket was chosen after seeing some of the nursery pictures, so hopefully it’ll feel right at home with some diapers and lotions tucked in. I upped the personalization factor with adding an initial stamped leather tab like in the last one I made. I did skip the front pocket – so that’s always an option for an extra speedy sew!

Green Denim Divided Basket & Diaper Pouch

And you have to know this diaper pouch is also a must-give gift. I can’t tell you how many I’ve made over the years, but it’s such a quick sew and a fun opportunity to use beautiful fabrics. It’s perfect to slip into any bag for when you need to get out of the house quick. Also makes it really easy to pass off to a diaper changing helper at any time!

Green Denim Divided Basket & Diaper Pouch

I’m so happy for my friend and her beautiful baby! It’s always such happy news!

Project Details:

And just for fun I thought you might want to check out some of the Divided Baskets and diaper pouches I’ve made in the past:

Green Denim Divided Basket & Diaper Pouch

Mini Franken-Kånken

Oh my gosh you guys!!!! I am so thrilled with this project! My daughter went on her school trip to Disney last week and she requested a mini backpack. You know I love a backpack and I love making things my kids love and use. So I started out thinking I would make her my Making Backpack! I asked her about what size she wanted and she gave me some measurements from the mini Kånken by Fjallraven (it’s a Swedish based company and their Kånken style backpack has been around since 1978). It’s a total classic! And there are patterns that have similar features so that you can sew up your own – Sarah Kirsten’s Raspberry Rucksack and here’s a quick search for a few others. So this Mini Franken-Kånken was made!

Mini Franken-Kånken

Construction Notes

I knew I was still going to use the base construction of my Making Backpack pattern, so I shrunk down the size and added some of those great Kånken details! I used the pop-up pocket from Sarah’s Raspberry Rucksack pattern (which she had kindly gifted to me when she released her pattern). It’s a very clever pocket design! The remaining aspects of the backpack were done on the fly and in combination the Making Backpack details. I had given myself only part of a day to make the bag – nothing like a deadline! It was so fun to see it come together – I even managed to take some fun video and will probably put together a reel for IG. Gotta have fun!

Mini Franken-Kånken

Okay, so here’s the details for the supplies I used, which were also such a fun part of this project! I had sent my daughter a bunch of pictures and together we pulled some fabrics that would work. And I love them! There’s so many great options for beautiful fabrics that you really can’t go wrong!

Project Details

Let me know if you’d like to see me add this size option to the Making Backpack pattern. I won’t be able to do the same pocket as Sarah’s (that I used in this sample), but I think I could come up with a fun alternate pocket design to include.

Mini Franken-Kånken