Another Buckthorn Tote in Riverbend

Hope you had a great weekend! I made another Buckthorn Tote in Riverbend during my sew along this past fall and haven’t shared the finished bag yet! Check out my other Buckthorn Tote in Riverbend here.

Another Buckthorn Tote in Riverbend

I recently got a new camera after having my other one for the past 9 years. Some parts of the camera were falling off and the screen had pixel fallout which was becoming more and more frustrating. So I tried grabbing a few shots of this Buckthorn Tote and then ended up having to switch back to my old camera to finish up! It’s been tough learning a whole new set up, and since then, I’ve spent little pockets of time getting to know the new camera – and am excited to keep learning!

Another Buckthorn Tote in Riverbend

Anyway, I loved being able to use my Riverbend Big Sur canvas for this tote. It was so easy to pair it with a print from my Riverbend Essex collection. Love it when things work out that way. I hope that if you are interested in sewing up a Buckthorn Backpack or Tote, you check out the full video sew-along on my YouTube channel. And check out the full sew-along blog posts here!

Another Buckthorn Tote in Riverbend

I just wrapped up the majority of the design work for my next fabric collection. I’m very excited about it and it should be released for shops to purchase in December. I’m already excited to sew up samples using it!

Lastly, I’m headed to Sewtopia Milwaukee in just a few weeks. I’m excited to see my friends and get to know the other attendees.

Project Details:


Poolside Tote in Riverbend

When I was envisioning the different Big Sur prints for my collection, I knew this Poolside Tote in Riverbend Big Sur would be such a great match!

Finding Riverbend Big Sur

I know the Big Sur collection for Riverbend is getting a little hard to find already. Not that many yards were printed, so if you check your local quilt shop and they don’t have any, you might want to do a little online research to see if you can find a shop that still has some (search “Anna Graham Riverbend Big Sur” or “Robert Kaufman Riverbend Big Sur” to start).

Making the Poolside

So anyway, this Poolside Tote was such a fun make. I love using canvas with the Poolside, but you can also use quilting cotton (and quilt it!). Here’s my own Poolside tote that I made using a quilting weight gingham fabric and quilted it before assembly. For some reason I blazed through this sample without reading my own instructions so I had some seam ripping to do, but in the end I love how it turned out!

I used Soft & Stable for the interfacing with this one. I’ve gotten so that it’s my favorite stabilizer for this pattern. Plus, I use the fusible woven on the lining pieces.

This is one of my favorite types of bags to use. I know a lot of folks love having something they can zip up, but I’m kind of the opposite! Don’t get me wrong, I loooove a good zip, but sometimes I like to just dump a bunch of things in the Poolside for an overnight trip and go. I guess it’s because we travel by car most of the time. I know that a zip top (like the Oxbow) is great for flying!

My Poolside Tote is the last project I have to share for my Riverbend (Essex & Big Sur) collections. I hope you find some inspiration in the projects I’ve shared. I love seeing what you make using my designs, it’s kind of bittersweet to wrap this up, but I do have some more yardage to play around with, so I think you’ll see a few more!

Project Details:


Studio Tunic in Riverbend

Okay, this is the Studio Tunic in Riverbend Essex and it might be one of my favorite makes! I know, I’m sure I say that every time I make something. It’s fine.

Once I saw Meg release her Studio Tunic pattern I knew I had to make it. I’ve been wanting to make something like this to wear while I’m sewing. I’m always moving my scissors or seam ripper or marking tool and then covering it up and wondering where it went! You’d think I’d have some sort of system, but honestly, I haven’t taken much time to think about how to resolve it. I have a generous size cutting table and drawers, but it would be really nice to keep my main supplies directly on me! So hopefully this tunic might work for that purpose, but we’ll see. I kind of feel like I might take it home and wear it while I’m baking. So many options!

I chose the deep-rounded neckline option and decided to add a little fun to the back yoke by subbing in a little bit of striped fabric. I thoroughly enjoyed sewing this up! Maybe my mom needs one, so I will hopefully make another.

Essex for garments

Essex makes such a nice weight for this tunic. It washed up really nicely and I think it’ll be super durable for many more washings! I’ve sewn quite a few garments using Essex.

Here are a few more garments I’ve sewn in the past using my fabric collections:

Project Details

Have you been sewing up any fun garments lately? I keep pinning them to my Pinterest boards, but I’ve been a total slacker for actually setting aside time to make any of them!

*Riverbend is in shops! Yay! Be sure to check with your favorite local quilt shop! Or try an online search for “Anna Graham Riverbend” or “Riverbend Robert Kaufman” and check out the #RiverBendFabric hashtag on Instagram. I love seeing what you make!!!!