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romp it up!

Yep yep.  Made a romper for the big girl.  You have no idea how many times I had to explain to them what a romper was.  It was pretty funny.  And we may or may not have made up our own song to go with the romper.  Of course after taking Shelly‘s lovely Romper Revamp class I had to make one.  Although I will say that I was almost satisfied just watching her make one as I am with making my own.  Hmm.  Anyway, I dug through my bin of knits and found these.

I think Natalie looks so pretty in gray, especially with her blue eyes.  The buttons are vintage.  I love how soft and stretchy knits are, plus I think it’ll get worn, fingers crossed.  I made a size 6/7 and was surprised that it fit so well, I was counting on it being a little large, but I’d say it fits exactly perfect.

I also opted to not make the hem ties.  I knew with the solid knit I was using that it would just be too much of a struggle, plus it made that part go extra fast!  I just extended the shorts to make up for the difference in length.  No hemming either, raw edge all the way!

Definitely thinking about making another one!!

kids clothes, sewing with knits

kcwc: his outfit

 A long sleeve raglan tee:

And a pair of Treasure Pocket Pants:

[just noticed this pic makes it look like I made one pant leg longer than the other, I promise they’re the same length!]

A match made in boy heaven I do say.

I love knits for kids.  I love them most because they’re the clothes my kids pick out more often than most of woven fabric garments I’ve made (at least tops that is).  I love these patterns (both in the Sewing for Boys book I reviewed earlier).  This knit shirt is the easiest shirt you’ll ever make, no hemming, love that.  I think it took me about an hour to make the shirt and that includes pattern tracing and fabric selection time.  I had to add the little beep! to the front, sorry I’m such a sucker for cute.  And my nephew is such a little cutie, I can’t wait to see pictures of him wearing these clothes (his mommy is always so good about showing me the things I make in action).

The pants weren’t as quick to make, but I really enjoyed making them.  I didn’t use a serger at all.  I kind of love that.  French seams and turn and stitch seams make for a super professional and sturdy pair of pants!  And the faux fly, it’s over the top cute.  Lots of great details you won’t find in many store bought clothes.

That about wraps up what I made for the kcwc.  Fun was had by all!  Hope you have a super awesome Sunday!  Thanks for reading.  ♥

[Fabrics: Pants, Honk Honk by Michael Miller, Kaufman shot cotton; shirt, random knits from Hancock fabrics]

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sewing with knits mondays: where to shop, patterns, and wrap up

We’re at the final wrap up for Sewing with Knits Mondays, Shannon and I have had such a blast putting fun projects together and feeling a little more confident sewing with knits.  I hope you give knits a try, it’s really a pretty forgiving fabric if you give it a chance.

In case you missed out on any past Mondays here are the posts:


And now for some knit fabric fun!  You might have found it difficult to find shops online that carry knits, so here’s a little list of places I’ve found (feel free to add your favs in the comments).  And there’s probably a descent selection at your local hancock fabrics, hobby lobby, or joanns, just check it out, you might be surprised by what you find! And I should mention that at Spoonflower you can design your own knit fabric or shop from independent designers.

And if you’re in the mood to try out some fun knit sewing patterns, here are a few awesome shops with plenty of knit fabric sewing patterns to try!

Thank you for hanging out with us for Sewing with Knits Mondays!  I really hope you give them a try and try something new. And a huge thank you to Shannon for joining me, it was so fun to have a partner in crime.  ♥