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simplicity skirt 2226 sew along – day 3

Welcome back for day 3 of the sew along, you can catch up on day 1 and day 2 anytime as well. ¬†ūüôā

Today is a pretty low stress day. ¬†We’ll be doing two bigger steps, sewing the waistband and attaching it to the skirt, as well as making the belt loops.

A little word first on the gathering. ¬†If you did choose a thicker material you might have a little more difficult time gathering, just take your time pulling and gathering bit by bit. ¬†You could also add a third row of gathering stitching. ¬†By doing two rows it’s basically a backup if one of your threads breaks, so a third row would make it even more sturdy. ¬†Gathering is pretty forgiving, so if you gather it too much you can always loosen it and you can gather it more as well if it’s not gathered enough.

Sewing the belt loops (referred to as the carrier in the pattern):

Basically just like making double fold bias tape.  Press wrong sides together in half, open up, press raw edges to center fold, fold in half again and press. Topstitch on both sides.

Cut into four equal pieces. ¬†That’s it, those are your belt loops. ¬†You can also leave these out if you’re not ever planning on wearing the skirt with a belt. ¬†I like the little bit of added detail they provide, so I included them.

Sewing the waistband:

Grab your interfaced waistband pieces. Pin back waistband pieces to each side of the front waistband, RIGHT sides facing, aligning the notches. ¬†Again, still using a 5/8″ seam allowance. ¬†Press seams open.

Sew belt loops at bottom curve of waistband at the indicated locations marked by the dots on the pattern pieces.

Attach waistband to skirt:

With RIGHT sides facing, pin the waistband to the skirt. ¬†You’ll want to pin the bottom curved edge to the skirt top, aligning the raw edges.

Be sure to match the side seams of the waistband with the side seams of the skirt.

Adjust the gathering so that it fits with the waistband.  Pin the remaining waistband in place.

Sew. ¬†I usually am pretty careless about sewing gathers, but if you really want things perfect you can use a knitting needle or stick to help hold the gathers in place. ¬†More pins help, but a little ‘extra hand’ in the form of a knitting needle might come in handy.

Press seam towards waistband.

That’s all for today. ¬†Tomorrow we’ll tackle that zipper, it’s really pretty slick. ¬†I quite like how it works, so don’t be worried!! ¬†After that it’s pretty smooth sailing…

[I’m going to run this sew along a little differently than my typical blog posts, if you have any questions or comments or suggestions/tips please leave them in the comments section and I’ll respond to them there. ¬†Usually I like to reply to comments directly by email when time allows, but this way the info will be there for anyone who joins along.]