Rain Walk Fabric

Rain Walk Poolside


Here’s my most recent Poolside Tote finish, in my fabric, Rain Walk. I think this coral is just the perfect statement for this tote. It’s bold and happy! I enjoyed pairing the fabrics for this version. Although I’m sure there’s about a million more pairings I’d like to sew up someday. The handles are Robert Kaufman Waterford Linen in Natural which is a really nice weight linen that’s a bit heavier and is 55″ wide. The lining is Reflect in Pink (from Rain Walk) and a little splash of Cirrus Solids in Coral.


I used byAnnie’s Soft and Stable in this version as well. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s the perfect match if you don’t want to quilt the exterior pieces, yet still have a sturdy stand-on-its-own tote. Of course, I do love the look of a quilted Poolside, too.



A little tip I can mention is that once you have the exterior and lining complete, sew the gusset seam allowances together. Place the lining and exterior wrong sides together (you’ll be placing the base of the exterior and lining together) and sew within the seam allowance of the gusset. By doing this, the lining will stay down in the bag no matter what. I often do this with any pouch or bag. It’s kind of an awkward step, especially with zippered pouches, but I almost always do this unless I’m in a huge hurry. Sometimes it isn’t so convenient, especially if you’ve made a mistake in a previous step, just one more row of stitches to rip when you need to go back and fix things. I only know that from experience. Anyway, give it a try on your next project, you might like it.


Pattern: Poolside Tote
Fabric: Rain Walk (Ripple in Coral), Reflect (Pink), Cirrus Solids (Coral)

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Poolside Tote Pattern in Rain Walk by Anna Graham



Rain Walk Fabric

Caravan Tote + Pouch in Rain Walk



This was a bag you may remember seeing a few pics of earlier. I, of course, wanted to get it’s proper photo shoot in before it would wing it’s way over to Cloud9. The Caravan Tote is a real workhorse. It’s features work really well no matter what you’re using it for and of course is perfect for toting around your favorite hobby supplies. I omitted the front pocket/flap in order to show off the fabric more. I did add the interior slip pocket inside the front zippered pocket. The slip pocket fits my iphone nicely without being too deep and getting lost. And, of course, the pocket is totally easy to customize to fit whatever you need.



Caravan Tote

I love the opportunity to play around with different hardware and this is the perfect bag to test your skills or try out some new ones. I think it adds a beautiful professional finish. And as for the leather tab at the side, it isn’t just for show, it’s a handy spot to hold onto when you’re opening the zippered front pocket. Gotta love function.


The pouch was fun, too! Haven’t met a pouch I didn’t love. It fits tucked inside the tote and yet is functional enough to do its own thing, too. Perfect for keeping organized and storing those items that tend to float around in your bag and always avoid being fished out.

Caravan Tote + Pouch Pattern in Rain Walk by Anna Graham

Caravan Tote + Pouch in Rain Walk by Anna Graham

All the links to sources for the hardware and straps are included in the pattern, it’s clickable in the PDF, so hopefully that makes shopping easier. I know it can be hard to track all the parts down, but it’s worth it, I promise! In case you might have missed it, check out the tutorial I wrote for installing straps using rivets over at Sew Mama Sew.

Pattern: Caravan Tote + Pouch
Fabric: Rain Walk canvas (Ripple in Blue), lining is also Rain Walk

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Rain Walk Fabric

Rain Walk Wholecloth Quilts

Rain Walk fabric wholecloth quilts by Anna Graham

I adore these quilts! I’ve wanted to commit to a wholecloth quilt ever since making the quilt for my own bed.


I pictured these quilts being the perfect addition to a modern nursery. I think Rain Walk would look so pretty in any children’s room, boy or girl. There are quite a few prints in the collection that I think are going to be so great for boys, plus enough for the girls of course. Now I’m waiting on a friend’s baby to come along so I can make some fun nursery things, you know I love a good crib skirt and quilt and pillow project for babies!


These will both be ending up in my girls’ room. They love how squishy and soft they are! I promised them when I brought the quilts home from quilt market that they could have them. I used two layers of wool batting (Quilters Dream Wool) in each quilt and hand tied each with Perle cotton size 8. The rounded corners of the quilt add to the softness.



I’m not sure if these are technically quilts or not, because they are hand tied and not hand or machine quilted. Maybe? I’d love to hear if you know.

Pattern: none, my fabrics started at approximately 42″ by 54″,
but check out Carolyn’s wholecloth pattern for more wholecloth fun
Fabrics: Rain Walk by me! for Cloud9 Fabrics, Tumble in Navy and Gold, Reflect in Blue, Drizzle in Pink.
Bindings are Cirrus Solids in Sky and Petal

Wholecloth quilt with Rain Walk fabric by Anna Graham for Cloud9 Fabrics