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Denim Zip Top Tote


Everyday I push myself towards a clean and simple aesthetic. I think it’s especially true when I’m feeling stressed. Being able to look around and feel a sense of calm is my goal. My home is definitely where I have been working for the past few years to get things pared down to the basics. I can’t believe there’s much of anything left, I seem to make a trip to drop off donations every few weeks. I think it’s especially a challenge with kids, and things get outgrown and changes so quickly that our home has to keep evolving. Maybe it’s something that we’ll always have to stay on top of, but it feels pretty good to keep working towards my goal.



So this tote is a perfect example of stripping things down to the basics. I love my Caravan Tote and Pouch that I had made with a similar combo. My stash of neutrals keeps growing and growing whereas with my prints I’ve been getting more and more selective. I don’t think I could ever switch to using all solids or neutrals, but I love keeping things simple, especially for accessories.


I made this denim Zip Top Tote for my friend Holly. I was so happy that she wanted one! It was fun showing her some combinations and then having her picking the favorites. I hope this will be a well-used and durable tote for her! I’m so excited to give it to her!


Pattern: Zip Top Tote from my book, Handmade Style
Fabrics: Robert Kaufman Black Washed 8 oz. Denim, my favorite Recycled Hemp Duck,
and Carolyn Friedlander’s Doe and a splash of Leah Duncan


Handmade Style

Vignette Basket

Basket project from Handmade Style featuring Vignette by Aneela Hoey

It’s almost time for Aneela‘s new collection, Vignette, to start arriving in shops! I love the vintage vibe and pretty colors in the collection, and even more awesome is that some of the prints will be available in super soft double gauze, too.

I had the fun opportunity to make a sample for quilt market using the basket project from my book, Handmade Style. I would love to see this one filled up to the brim with pretty yarn!  Of course yarn makes everything so inviting looking. I shared a few more thoughts on the basket project itself back in June, so maybe you want to pop over there and read more about itBasket project from Handmade Style featuring Vignette by Aneela Hoey

I designed these baskets to fit in all those amazing square cubby shelves out there, so they do fit in ones from Ikea in case you’re wondering.

Sorry for the short post, I never like to let anything go unblogged! Sometimes it’s the only way I remember what I’ve made. If you’re looking to see more Vignette sewn up, every time I look at Aneela’s creations I’m blown away, so beautiful! Check some out here!

Basket project from Handmade Style featuring Vignette by Aneela Hoey

Pattern: Basket (from Handmade Style)
Fabric: Vignette by Aneela Hoey for Cloud9 Fabrics

p.s. A little side note. I’ve been loving getting Abby’s newsletter (her blog is called While She Naps). I think almost every time I open her newsletter I click and read through all the links she suggests. You can sign up on the right sidebar on her blog. Thanks Abby for doing such great research!

Handmade Style

Rainy Rainbow


Sorry for that super cheesy title, it had to be done. This Rainbow Clutch (a pattern from my book) was so fun to make using scraps from Rain Walk fabrics. I love how little this clutch uses in terms of fabric, but I love it’s impact. I’ve seen so many beautiful ones tagged on Instagram (#HandmadeStyleBook) and it’s always thrilling to see what beautiful fabric combinations you come up with. It definitely makes me want to make more! And to use those tiny precious scraps I’ve been hoarding.


I think it looks so pretty with the awesome fall colors we’re having this fall! I’ve been making it a point to enjoy every last bit of it until winter comes. It’s not often that we have this many weeks of incredible weather. I’ve been mountain biking with my husband on his days off and it’s just been fun to reconnect and be outdoors. The girls and I have been walking home from school as much as we can and enjoy stomping through the leaves. I’m really happy I’ve been able to soak up this time with them. Life’s too short!


All that to say, is that this clutch makes me happy every time I see someone make one. They make me smile. Thanks so much for sharing everyone!

Pattern: Rainbow Clutch (from my book Handmade Style)
Fabric: Rain Walk (by me for Cloud9 Fabrics)
Zippers: Zipit on etsy

Find Rain Walk as these awesome shops!