Minimalist Wallets – Around the Bend

Cute little wallet alert! Sorry if this distracts you from your to-do list, but these are too cute not to share. These are mini Minimalist Wallets showcasing Around the Bend! Little wallets are cute, but in groups they’re just like candy!

Minimalist Wallets - Around the Bend
Minimalist Wallets - Around the Bend

I mixed up the fabrics on these to show how fun it is to experiment with this design. It wasn’t long after the Minimalist Wallet release that I kept seeing beautiful versions pairing two different exterior fabrics (like in these samples). Why wouldn’t you want to showcase two fun fabrics on your wallet? Plus more on the inside? Bonus!

Minimalist Wallets - Around the Bend

Each of these cuties has the leather snap tab option. You can make it out of fabric (instructions are included for both options as part of the pattern). And I didn’t make the regular size wallet that’s an option in the pattern, but here’s an example of one of those.

Project Details:

Minimalist Wallets - Around the Bend

*Around the Bend is in shops NOW! Yay! Be sure to check with your favorite shop! Or try an online search for “Anna Graham Around the Bend” or “Around the Bend Robert Kaufman” check out the #AroundtheBend fabric hashtag on Instagram.

9 thoughts on “Minimalist Wallets – Around the Bend

  1. Rachel says:

    These are adorable!! I’ve been thinking I need a new wallet, but haven’t had time to go shopping – I think you’ve inspired me to make one…of each size!!

  2. Charlotte M. says:

    How hard is it to sew with the leather that you use? That’s the one thing stopping me.

  3. Jeni says:

    These are so sweet, I especially love how your fabrics play with the ginghams!!

  4. a says:

    Love the $2 bill.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      hahaha, thanks for noticing! I keep it around for photos and sentimental value. 🙂

  5. Jennifer L Turk says:

    Hello, I am about to sew my first mini minimalist wallet, and I don’t understand if the amount of fabric I am supposed to cut will change if I plan to use leather for the snap tab? Any assistance is much appreciated!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Jennifer, the fabric amount will be about the same if you use leather instead of making a fabric snap tab (the fabric used in the snap tab is a pretty small piece). If you have further questions we’re happy to help, email us at

  6. Donna Boatwright says:

    Are SVG files included in this pattern?

    1. Noodlehead Customer Service says:

      Thanks for reaching out Donna, we do not have SVG files for this pattern at this time.

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