Camellia Making Backpack

I couldn’t resist this fabric combination when I spotted it on my cutting table! This is the regular size Making Backpack featuring Camellia by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society!

I’ve been using canvas prints designed by Melody for at least 10 years now! This Super Tote showcases her viewfinder print (back when she designed for Kokka Fabrics). I still love it (and kinda wish I had hoarded some, hahaha)!

When I spotted the canvas designs from the Camellia collection (this design is called Chamomile) I ordered it right away! The colors are beautiful and the canvas substrate is perfect as always. I paired it with this dry oilskin from Zipper Zoo. It’s one of those combinations that I wouldn’t have chosen, but after seeing it, I got to cutting and sewing right away!

I thought this was the perfect way to use a bold print on the Making Backpack. Of course you can make the whole backpack using a print (which is gorgeous!!!, I have one on my cutting table now), but this is a great option if you have a precious Fat Quarter or larger scrap laying around! Use it on that front pocket!!!

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5 thoughts on “Camellia Making Backpack

  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful backpack. Love the floral surprise on the front pocket. The dry oilskin (storm) color is a very nice coordinate with the floral print. Also, like the pop of binding on the inside lining of the backpack.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks so much Karen, I appreciate your kind and thoughtful comment. 🙂

  2. Gail Posey says:

    When you prepare your 1/2” straight edge binding, how wide do you cut your strips (2” or 2 1/2”)?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Gail, I cut 2″ strips and use my Clover brand 25mm bias tape maker to make mine. Here’s the link to the tool (I love mine, highly recommend):

      1. Gail says:

        Thank you!

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