Mini Franken-Kånken

Oh my gosh you guys!!!! I am so thrilled with this project! My daughter went on her school trip to Disney last week and she requested a mini backpack. You know I love a backpack and I love making things my kids love and use. So I started out thinking I would make her my Making Backpack! I asked her about what size she wanted and she gave me some measurements from the mini Kånken by Fjallraven (it’s a Swedish based company and their Kånken style backpack has been around since 1978). It’s a total classic! And there are patterns that have similar features so that you can sew up your own – Sarah Kirsten’s Raspberry Rucksack and here’s a quick search for a few others. So this Mini Franken-Kånken was made!

Mini Franken-Kånken

Construction Notes

I knew I was still going to use the base construction of my Making Backpack pattern, so I shrunk down the size and added some of those great Kånken details! I used the pop-up pocket from Sarah’s Raspberry Rucksack pattern (which she had kindly gifted to me when she released her pattern). It’s a very clever pocket design! The remaining aspects of the backpack were done on the fly and in combination the Making Backpack details. I had given myself only part of a day to make the bag – nothing like a deadline! It was so fun to see it come together – I even managed to take some fun video and will probably put together a reel for IG. Gotta have fun!

Mini Franken-Kånken

Okay, so here’s the details for the supplies I used, which were also such a fun part of this project! I had sent my daughter a bunch of pictures and together we pulled some fabrics that would work. And I love them! There’s so many great options for beautiful fabrics that you really can’t go wrong!

Project Details

Let me know if you’d like to see me add this size option to the Making Backpack pattern. I won’t be able to do the same pocket as Sarah’s (that I used in this sample), but I think I could come up with a fun alternate pocket design to include.

Mini Franken-Kånken

41 thoughts on “Mini Franken-Kånken

  1. Sandra Frigo says:

    Love it! Yes, yes, yes pattern please!

  2. Dani says:

    Yes, I’d love a smaller size Making backpack! I love the size of my mini Kanken, and I’ve been wanting to try sizing down your pattern.

  3. Robbin Mensching says:

    Yes. Please do that. This looks wonderful. I’d love to make it.

  4. raychel says:

    omgggg i NEED one!! it’s adorable

  5. K says:

    Just stumbled on your blog and after a two year sewing hiatus your gorgeous patterns have my fingers TWITCHING.

  6. Carol Anne Sargent says:

    Yes please! Kits?

  7. Heather Murphy says:

    Yes yes!! Please do. This is so cute!

  8. Edurne Muñoz says:

    I Love it! The pattern, the color, it´s amazing

  9. Sally says:

    This is amazing! If you add this as a pattern option, I’ll be first in line to make it! 🙂

  10. Beth Soltis says:

    Oh my gosh! I actually just bought the Raspberry Rucksack pattern to make myself the mini, but I would love a mini version of your Making Backpack. I made myself one of those last year. Your orange bag is too cute!!!

  11. Karen says:

    Would love a mini version of your Making Backpack. Like the pocket on the front.

  12. Kristie says:

    Yes please and thank you very much! I would love to make a mini one to use as a purse. In addition to my Sandhill Sling. 🙂 Thank you so much! I have such envy. That backpack is awesome. Your daughter is so lucky!

  13. Lysette says:

    Just ordered this fabric at zipper zoo 🙂 , and would love to make this mini one! So yes please! 🙂

  14. Jeni says:

    Oh my goodness, how adorable!! The color is perfect too.

  15. Val DePorto says:

    Yes please. I have been sewing your bag patterns using my handwoven cloth. I would love to make this mini Franken-Kanken!

  16. Shelley says:

    This is adorable! Yes, I would like to make a mini Making Backpack!!! 🙂

  17. Michelle says:

    It came out great! Love the size and the pocket. Please do make a pattern. Would love to make it.

  18. Aundreia says:

    This is exactly what my grandson is looking for. I’d love the smaller size measurements.

  19. Susan Evans says:

    Yes! I would love to have this pattern in the smaller size!

  20. Debbie McDonald says:

    I absolutely love this! I vote for the smaller option:-)

  21. Priscilla says:

    Yes., sign me up. Pattern, kit and sew along!

  22. Diane Hope says:

    yes please.

  23. Bhavana says:

    Completely agree with the other 22 comments, love it and 100% yes to the Making backpack pattern addition!!

  24. fairlight says:

    This is adorable! I’d love the pattern to make them for my three boys.

  25. Bethany says:

    You are so talented! I love this mini backpack and my 15 year old daughter would love it too. Great job!

  26. Mieke says:

    I totally missed this post, how is that even possible? So glad you picked it up on IG though! It is gorgeous!

  27. DonB says:

    Totally would love to have a smaller size of the backpack.

  28. Valerie says:

    Yes please to this pattern. I’d even be interested in a kit.

  29. Shirley says:

    This is a wonderful sized bag, love the design. A mini Making Backpack would be awesome! Would you share the type of thread you use in making backpacks? Brand, type, etc…

  30. Arlene Martin says:

    I would like to purchase a kit with the same colors as soon as it is available!!

  31. Shelley Santerre says:

    I love this bag. Do you have the pattern – I couldn’t locate it in the “shop”…

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Shelley, thank you! It will be an update to my Making Backpack pattern, coming next week if all goes as planned.

  32. Kelly says:

    Yes, would love this. I’ve been using a Kanken and what it needs is an outer slip pocket and a bigger front zip pocket. I’d love to be able to sew that.

  33. Sujey says:

    Yes, please! Would love to make this mini Making Backpack.

  34. Felicity says:

    Yes. Please. I love your choice of fabrics, too, and that you used binding for the lining, instead of a drop in one. Could you add directions for doing this?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thank you Felicity. The Making Backpack pattern’s construction already uses the binding method, so this mini version follows the same instructions. 🙂

  35. Christina Hutchins says:

    I would love to see the smaller pattern with a front pocket.

  36. Arlene says:

    Can you give the dimensions of the Franken Kanken (finished H x W x D) please? It looks great!!

  37. Maureen says:

    Yes, please. I would love a mini Making Backpack. Count me in.

  38. Becky Pellerin says:

    Yes–this would be so much fun!

  39. Chelsi Biehl says:

    YES!!! I would love a pattern for this smaller version. My girls are obsessed with smaller backpacks! This one looks amazing.

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