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Summer Firefly Tote & Sew-along

I figured it would be a good time to share my newest finish, my project size Firefly Tote that I made during the Firefly Tote sew-along! It’s my Summer Firefly Tote! Summer has been filled with all kinds of activities for our family. I’m thinking August might be the month where I am looking forward to sewing a few more things for fun!

Summer Firefly Tote

Thank you to everyone who joined along during the sew-along (we wrapped up on July 13th, 2021). More importantly, I’m excited to do more! Let me know in the comments what pattern you would want to sew along with next

This post is available now to make the sew-along accessible to anyone who needs it. In other words, even though this sew-along isn’t currently happening, you can still follow along at whatever pace you need, whenever you need it!

Summer Firefly Tote

Links to the Sew-along

Below are the links to the newsletters that went out weekly as part of the sew-along. All newsletters contain a step-by-step video aside from Week 4’s wrap up post.

Looking for supplies for your Firefly?

  • 1″-wide cotton webbing (for the project size you’ll need one yard, for the tote size you’ll need 2 yards) or of course lengthen or shorten to your desired length!
  • 1″-wide leather handles (FOR TOTE SIZE: choose the 28″ length, feel free to shorten them down to the suggested 25″ length or leave at 28″) (FOR PROJECT SIZE: choose the 18″ length for the recommended length or go longer if you want!)
  • Zipper for front pocket (6″ zipper for the Project size, 7″ for the Tote size)
  • Chicago screws, for anyone who doesn’t want to use rivets. Available in sets of four in Antique Brass. Instructions for how to install chicago screws are shown in Week 3’s video.
  • Drawstring cord (3-yard pack) for drawstring closure (available in natural and lot of colors)
Summer Firefly Tote

Project Details

This Summer Firefly Tote sewed up really beautifully thanks to these gorgeous fabrics:

Dry Oilskin from Oak Fabrics for Exterior, Arid Wilderness by Louise Cunningham (Cloud9 Fabrics) for the Accent, and Robert Kaufman Carolina Gingham (in denim and fog) for Lining

Thank you so much for your support! I can’t wait to see your Firefly Totes! Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@noodlehead531) and use #FireflyTote

14 thoughts on “Summer Firefly Tote & Sew-along

  1. Rebecca says:

    Anna, I love your sew alongs, I found them super helpful, referring to them many times even though I’ve made the same pattern multiple times. I would love to see next sew along for Redwood, Buckthorn, or Compass. Thank you for making those accessible to anyone who wants to learn how to make bags.

  2. Anke says:

    dear Anna, thanks for your opportunity for a sew a long. For a beginner -like me -it`s so helpful . It makes the technic so clearer.and gives the vision to try it….
    My dream is to make a summer dress, without arms , with pockets, playing arround knee ,in a fabric like quarry trail.

  3. Arlene says:

    Anna, Thanks for another awesome sew a long. These have been a lifesaver for me in this pandemic. I would love to see the Making back pack into a sew along. Thank you for making these videos accessible to everyone.

  4. mahi says:

    It is not everyone’s business to write such a great post, one person in a million can write such a beautiful post and you are one of those millions. I hope that you will write more beautiful posts in life and also hope that you will keep climbing the ladder of achievement in your life, very few people do this but I have full hope from you.

  5. Stefania Pareti says:

    ITALIAN: Cara Anna, dai tuoi post traspare sempre, non solo la tua grande creatività grazie agli aiuti e consigli che sei sempre disposta a donarci, ma anche la profondità della tua persona..una persona davvero di cuore!
    Inoltre i tuoi video youtube mi aiutano moltissimo a creare tutti i pattern da te comprati, percio’ ti ringrazio davvero tanto!
    Se dovessi pensare al prossimo video, mi piacerebbe pensare alla Hillside tote, acquistata da tempo perchè mi ha da subito rapito il cuore, ma non ancora fatta. Percio’ sarebbe l’occasione per mettermi dietro a crearla e sfoggiarla con grande orgoglio da come è bella!!
    Grazie ancora di tutto, e dei tuoi post che leggo sempre con grande piacere!

    ENGLISH: Dear Anna, from your posts always shines through, not only your great creativity thanks to the help and advice that you are always willing to give us, but also the depth of your person…a really heartfelt person!
    Moreover, your youtube videos help me a lot to create all the patterns I bought from you, so thank you very much!
    If I had to think about the next video, I would like to think about the Hillside tote, bought a long time ago because it immediately kidnapped my heart, but not yet made. So that would be my chance to get behind creating it and showing it off with great pride from how beautiful it is!!!
    Thanks again for everything, and your posts that I always read with great pleasure!

  6. sewhappy says:

    I just finished my Firefly Project Tote. Your videos were very helpful. The pattern pushed me to try the rivets. I am very happy with the bag even with a few little mistakes.

  7. Stefania Pareti says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t seem to open week 4 of the firefly tote. I wanted to see if this is happening to just me.

  8. Sian Petz says:

    I am excited to start the firefly tote!

    I would love to have a sew-along for the Super Tote!
    Thank you, Sian

  9. Teresa Hundelt says:

    Hello, The link for leather handles and twill tape no longer works. Do you have an updated link?
    Thank you!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks for letting me know Teresa! I’ve updated them now. If you’d like, refresh your browser and it should be all set. 🙂

  10. Stefania Pareti says:

    Hi. I tried several times to click on the 4th link/week of the sew-along, but it never worked even after a long time since it came out.
    I hope the translator translated what I said in an understandable way. Have a nice day.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Stefania,
      Here’s the link:
      It’s the same link as in the post. It opens for me, but if it doesn’t open for you there may be a pop-up blocker or similar blocking you from opening it.
      Let me know if it opens for you.
      Thank you!

  11. Stefania Pareti says:

    Thanks Anna. There might be a block on the 4th link, I have no idea, but it’s the only link and video I have problems with…. in any case I had given up on it long ago. In my email I got the question from someone who was experiencing the same problem as me, and I was just answering him.
    In any case, before replying to your email, I tried to access the new link and that too was unsuccessful. Have a nice day, and thanks anyway for trying again.

  12. Deborah Chiarucci says:

    HI Anna, I just finished my first ever tote, the Firefly. I am so grateful for your sew-along, which made it doable for me. I am not sure how to post a picture, or I would. Thanks! Deborah

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