Single-fabric Firefly Totes

When I first start developing a pattern (like the Firefly Tote pattern shown here), I grab a few solids and start cutting. I typically use a solid for the initial samples (usually a less precious fabric for the very first attempts). These single-fabric Firefly Totes were both made when things were getting pretty close to the final dimensions (there were a few minor tweaks after I made these samples even!).

Single-fabric Firefly Totes

Believe me that there were so many iterations of this Tote before I finally landed on this design and these sizes. Whew! My studio was looking like a bag making factory! I had so many ideas on how this tote should look and when I finally came to this combination of pockets/zipper placement, etc. I knew it was the one.

Single-fabric Firefly Totes
Single-fabric Firefly Totes

Single-fabric Firefly Totes: modification

These both are made using a solid fabric for the entire exterior. I know you’re probably thinking, “But the pattern uses an accent fabric for the front pocket!”. Well, that’s true, but of course you can cut whatever pieces from any fabric you choose. So if you’d like to make a Firefly using a single fabric exterior (hey! it doesn’t have to be a solid!) you’ll need 1 yd of both exterior and lining fabrics {2/3 yd of each for the Project size} and then the drawstring closure can be cut out of a 1/2 yd {1/3 yd for the Project size}. See? Not too bad!

We’re heading into Week 3 of the Firefly Tote sew-along in about 6 days. If you haven’t signed up, you still can, click here to enter your name and email! The next weekly email will go out on Tuesday, July 6th (about 6:25 am CST here in the US). Each week’s email will have links for the previous sew-along emails, so no need to worry, you won’t have missed anything!

Project Details

Oh and if you’re looking for a full kit for the Firefly, Sewtopia put a bunch together, maybe you could snag one of those?

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  1. Karen says:

    So glad you shared this post because I was wondering if the front pocket would work in waxed canvas or if it would be to thick to sew through. I love the Firefly Tote in a complete solid canvas.

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