Rust Reunion Cardigan

As soon as my friend Brienne released her pattern, the Reunion Cardigan, I knew I had to make one! A rust Reunion Cardigan to be exact!

Rust Reunion Cardigan

Even though I’ve been knitting for gosh, eight years now. I still don’t have a huge knitting skillset, and I’m okay with that. Every now and then I try a new pattern and pick up a new skill here and there. So when she released the Reunion Cardigan I immediately felt like it was something I could work on and probably finish! So I started it last summer, maybe in June or July I think? And sure enough, I finished it just a month or two ago. Of course I couldn’t find buttons that I wanted to use, so it sat and waited. But I found some! And then we took some pictures! And now I can wear it!

Rust Reunion Cardigan

I had only tried one knitted garment prior to this one. I never really wore it, but I loved the color. I’m really happy I stuck with this one. Brienne wrote a fabulous pattern and it was well planned out and felt very approachable by this newbie garment knitter.

I think my button band turned out okay. I still am not sure I did the pick-up ratio correctly, but I don’t even care. It’s a cardigan with two sleeves and it has buttons and buttonholes — so that works for me!

Only a couple customizations for me, I knit the body a few inches longer and did a full-length sleeve. I’m happy with the result! Next I’m planning on finishing my second pair of knit socks. I can’t wait to wear them and show them to you here!

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