Driftless Petal Pouches

Driftless Petal Pouch - Noodlehead Because it’s starting to feel a little like fall here, I thought it would be fun to sit down and use some Driftless to sew up a couple of Petal Pouches. If you’re new here, Driftless is my fabric collection with Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The name Driftless is from the area where I live, it’s a pretty special geological place, you can read a bit about it here. My fabric collection was based on a walk on the edges of the Mississippi River with my family. The two prints I used for these pouches are inspired by the Common Loon and water lilies drifting in the current. Growing up, my family did a lot of canoeing and camping along the river so these prints always bring back little memories of those times.

I hadn’t made a Petal Pouch in ages, actually I’ve been looking back and realizing I’ve been doing a pretty lackluster job of sewing up a lot of my own patterns. It’s fun and relaxing for me to sew up pouches like these. They take so little fabric and just a bit of time, but are so fun and useful! I think I’m going to be taking a bit of time to sew up a few fun gifts in the next few months, so maybe I’ll be all set by the time the holidays come around.

You can find the Petal Pouch pattern in my shop in PDF format, or as part of my Everyday Essentials booklet (it’s a fun booklet I put together that includes three patterns one of which is the Petal Pouch). I mentioned the other day on Instagram that I’ve got a few new patterns coming up, one that I talked about here on the blog last week, and another that I’m hoping might be able to release at the end of September. I cannot wait to show you! So even though the next few weeks/months are going to be busy here, I’m hoping to set aside a couple of blocks of time each week to sew something just for fun.

Pattern: Petal Pouch (two sizes are included in the pattern), or in the Everyday Essentials Booklet
Zippers (you’ll need a 10″ for the large pouch and a 6″ for the small) and pulls are available in my shop. I’m a little low on inventory for the pulls, but I’ll hopefully be able to keep some listed.

10 thoughts on “Driftless Petal Pouches

  1. Lonnie says:

    love the explanation of your fabric line and the geological information about driftless.

  2. Barbie Amos says:

    Thank you! These fabrics are beautiful. Not available in Australia though, still very lovely

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Barbie,
      They are available in Australia! 🙂 here’s a link to one shop I know:**

  3. Susan Smith says:

    Beautiful pouches! I can’t get any of your links to work.

  4. Angela says:

    I bought the pattern and am getting ready to make a large. I noticed you use woven fusible interfacing. What is the difference between woven and just plain fusible interfacing? Thanks!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Angela! Fun! Yes, there is a difference. Woven interfacing is made of a woven base (much like how quilting cotton is a woven fabric) of cotton with a fusible glue applied to one side. Other non-woven interfacings are made 100% polyester. Each have their place, but it’s important to know the difference. Each affect the fabric you apply it to differently. Hope that helps!

      1. Angela says:

        Hi Anna, Thanks for your reply. I think I should have worded my question differently. What I was looking for is what is the difference in using the different interfacing when making the pouches? I most of the time use linen or quilting cotton. I am planning on making one with a grain sack. Why do you choose woven? Do the pouches feel differently when you use woven as appose too regular? ; ).

        1. Anna Graham says:

          I call for the woven interfacing because I prefer how it performs/feels when combined with linen and cotton. 🙂 And yes, different interfacings make fabrics/projects feel differently!

  5. Sally Fox says:

    Is this pattern available in your book? I’d like to buy it because I like a number of your bags, but I’d also like to have this pattern. : )

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