Coral Buckthorn Tote

Coral Buckthorn Tote - NoodleheadIt was my niece’s birthday last week, so I had fun picking out a fun and cute fabric combo for a Buckthorn Tote for her. She loves bags and zippered pouches so I had fun making this tote knowing that she’d be able to use it.

Fabric Funhouse had sent me a remnant of the beautiful Apricot Brandy color of their waxed canvas (it’s a beautiful peachy coral color) and I knew it would be so cute for making my niece’s gift. I found the cutest little happy suns print in my stash, it’s the Sunshine print by Alexia Marcelle Abegg. I couldn’t resist those cute faces!

I do love working with the waxed canvas for bags, it does, admittedly, take a little more patience than other materials. I find that it’s worth a bit of experimentation to see if you like it, too.  I’m really pleased with how this particular waxed canvas works with the Buckthorn Tote (and backpack – read that post here). It was a nice break from work sewing. I’ll be able to share more about at the end of July.

Also, I have a video that I recorded a few weeks back that goes over setting the oval base (applies to the Buckthorn as well as a few of my other patterns). I’ll be sharing that in the next week or two. Do you like watching videos of sewing techniques? I’m still pretty new to knitting, so I use videos a lot, but sometimes just a quick one is all I need instead of a longer format. Do you prefer a quick (less than 4 minute) video or a longer format (10 minutes plus) that goes over in something in great detail?

I hope you all have been safe and staying healthy!

Pattern: Buckthorn Tote
Fabric: Apricot Brandy Waxed Canvas from Fabric Funhouse, lining is Sunshine from Alexia Marcelle Abegg (from her Sunshine collection with Cotton + Steel fabrics) here’s a google search, it’s an older collection so it might be harder to come by

Webbing and zipper available in my shop (you’ll need 2 yards of 1″-wide webbing and one 14″ handbag zipper).



11 thoughts on “Coral Buckthorn Tote

  1. smonakey says:

    That coral color is so very pretty on my monitor. Yes, please to videos! I prefer shorter videos to long ones, unless the demo warrants otherwise. BTW, I’m a long-time follower of yours, but I rarely comment.

  2. Susan says:

    Great bag! I prefer a 4 minute video unless it’s so involved that a longer one is necessary.

  3. kitty0313 says:

    I much prefer longer format videos where a process or project can be thoroughly explained via comprehensive visual reference/ video footage, in addition to commentary (it’s crucial for we visual learners!!). I am *really* looking forward to your presentations!

  4. Sandy says:

    I love the coral – so pretty! I had never seen with waxed canvas before reading your blog and seeing your creations, but it is my go to now for bags. I watch seeing and knitting videos all the time but prefer short ones.

    1. Sandy says:


  5. Linda (ACraftyScrivener) says:

    That coral color is absolutely stunning! Yes, I also prefer short and to the point video’s for techniques, both sewing and knitting.

  6. Kathleen says:

    Beautiful bag! I too prefer the shorter videos.

  7. Suzanne @pennysillin says:

    That coral color!! Would love to see a video about sewing the bottom oval. I made the backpack version of this in waxed canvas (which I love) but really wrestled with getting the bottom oval lined up. The struggle may just be inherent to the material…

  8. Alana says:

    I love videos, when well made, regardless of length. I think as a permanent “serious beginner” in a lot of things, what would be most helpful is if one makes a longer format video to note where certain things happen. For example: 2:34 – sewing the straps, 5:25 – setting the bottom, etc. Kind of like a table of contents or index for your video. I imagine you would make great videos as I love your aesthetic and haven’t had any issues following your patterns, in general. I actually want to make my own waxed cotton/canvas…wondering if it’s cheaper or whether I’ll just frustrate myself 😉

  9. Stephanie Eubanks says:

    Did you ever end up making a video for the buckthorn backpack and tote? I was looking for it, perhaps I missed it? I’m planning to make this backpack. I usually like/need a video tutorial to guide me through the patterns, kind of like holding my hand. Looking forward to making this!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Stephanie, I haven’t yet, but I think in the next few months I will. It’s the one I carry (backpack) everyday to work, so I really think it would be fun to make a video for. I do have a video specific to setting the oval base if that helps:

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