Yellow Buckthorn Tote

Yellow Buckthorn Tote - Noodlehead Isn’t this yellow Buckthorn Tote so cute? It’s so happy and cheery. I need a little of that sunshine in my life lately. To be honest it’s been difficult to keep focused and motivated. I worry quite a lot about what this all means for sewing and for my business. It’s scary and uncertain, and while I am usually in the camp of prepare for the worst, this kind of has me running from idea to idea without being able to feel comfortable working on any certain thing with much focus. It’s always been a juggle to run my business while taking care of my family, but this is different of course. I’ll keep taking things day by day, and knowing that we’re all in this together helps, too. I’m so glad to be a part of this sewing community!

So anyway, this Buckthorn Tote was one of my favorites right off the machine. Sometimes when I finish a project I might not immediately love it. But I think it’s the cheery yellow Dry Oilskin that I picked up from Blackbird Fabrics that just sings! I believe this is the Merchant & Mills Dry Oilskin and I loved sewing with it. It’s very easy to work with, so if you want to give it a try I can’t recommend it enough! It’s got structure, but isn’t so stiff that it makes it difficult to use. The topstitching just glided through like butter which is always satisfying! The lining is Big Sur canvas in Unbleached. (Here’s a google search if you’re looking for a shop that carries it.)

This is the Tote component to the Buckthorn pattern, I had to make a cute tote version because I couldn’t get it out of my head that it would be perfect for crafting. Knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch, and paper piecing all came to mind when I was deciding on size and details. It would be very easy to add an additional interior pocket and divide it up for storing all of your supplies, too! I think that’s the best part of being able to make things yourself, because you can customize it to your specific needs! Plus the zippered top!!!! I know you love keeping everything safe and secure. But don’t worry, you can easily leave out the zipper (or add a magnetic snap or not!) and finish it off with the binding the same way. So many fun options.

Pattern: Buckthorn Backpack & Tote
Fabric: Dry Oilskin purchased from Blackbird Fabrics (I believe they’re sold out at the moment, but my friend Holly has some in her shop now!) here’s a google search for more shops that have it
Webbing, zipper (14″ size for the tote), and zipper pulls are all in my shop, too. You’ll need two yards of 1″-wide webbing for the Tote!


7 thoughts on “Yellow Buckthorn Tote

  1. artcoopsville says:

    I love this

  2. Susan G MacLeod says:

    Very nice!

  3. Sandy says:

    I ordered some dry oilskin yesterday. I am looking forward to making this tote! The yellow is lovely!

  4. Emily says:

    Love it in the yellow!

  5. It’s gorgeous. I too have been having trouble focusing. I think it goes along with our unfocused times.

  6. Katherine Greaves says:

    The colour is definitely full of happy sunshine vibes, Anna! What a great tote design!

    You put into words, exactly how I’ve been feeling. It’s so frustrating! Day by day seems to be the best way in dealing with the lack of focus.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing your beautiful talents!

  7. pedlarcr says:

    I love the Buckthorn Tote in this yellow!! It just makes you feel so happy! I’ve ordered quite a bit of the dry oilskin from Merchant and Mills in the past 12 months. I just love working with it! It’s just so easy to sew with and it gives everything a lovely structure. One of my favs is the Prince of Wales Check. I’ve already got it ear marked for the Buckthorn backpack!

    I know what you mean when you say that motivation is quite hard at the moment. I just love making bags (well usually) but at the moment I have a bit of a hollow feeling when I finish one because I don’t have the opportunity to use it. I’ve compensated by sewing more clothes and things for the house but it’s not the same. On a brighter note I can’t wait to start my Buckthorn Backpack – just waiting on the Triangle rings which are taking ages in the post.

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